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But everyone complains about it...
Posted by: Daniel Tn
Date: October 26, 2017 08:57AM
Well not everyone, but a lot of people still complain that the CTX is too heavy for them. I never had an issue with the eTrac or Explorers either, and I even ran the eTrac with the 13" Ultimate coil 99% of the time. I actually liked it better than the CTX but sold it because I like water hunting too much.

I'm actually concerned that the Equinox will be too light for any serious water hunting. Especially in river current or the ocean surf. I made this error with my sand scoop when I went from a heavy fiberglass handle to a carbon fiber handle. It lightened the scoop considerably...which was good for wet sand hunting. But as soon as it got in the water, it gets knocked around by the smallest of waves and has a tendency to want to drift off a spot.

Re: Equinox Potential Problems.
Posted by: Mkus
Date: October 26, 2017 12:02PM
Like IDXMONSTER, I have never had a problem swinging the E-Trac all day with the stock pro coil. Never found it heavy or unbalanced. But , then again, I can swing a GPX all day with a 14" coil with no bungee in the gold fields. Sounds like some of you guys need to hit the gym :shrug:. The Nox looks like it will be super lite. The only issue I've ever had with any detector was the same issue that the OP mentioned with the SDC battery box...super easy fix that was mentioned on many forums...just stretch the battery contact springs out a bit and no more problem. I've had five Minelab machines ( still have two) and never had an issue other than the extremely minor issue mentioned above. I expect the Nox will be another great offering from ML.

Lol hit the gym I have tennis elbow not from just detecting I fish a lot fly fish spin but that never bothers my elbow
Swinging the Etrac does a little bit but it’s my best machine for beach use...
So I bought a Deus and I can swing that all day no problem..

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