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Re: Equinox pdf brochure ....
Posted by: Ksdirt
Date: November 08, 2017 08:39PM
here's the EQ brochure...takes my comp. to download a minute or 2 because it is a pdf file..,%20EQUINOX%20Series%20A4%204p%20EN_WEB.pdf

This is back up running again .....this link works now...:clapping:

Re: Equinox pdf brochure ....
Posted by: Charles (Upstate NY)
Date: November 08, 2017 10:01PM
There are only 40 target ID's not counting iron.

Re: Equinox pdf brochure ....
Posted by: Ksdirt
Date: November 09, 2017 05:55PM
Jason in Enid
Here you go:

This is from a Equinox brochure that Minelab posted yesterday and is now mysteriously absent from their website :yikes:

LOL, got to love it when somebody publishes the wrong thing. There was a similar slipup when waiting on the GPZ release.[/

I noticed the chart that is like this one is a little diff. From the one from my link ...go to the link I started at the start of this post and you will see toward the bottom of the detail sheet it also says SOFTWARE UPGRADABLE...then says YES
..via usb connection ...

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