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Field tester report release?
Posted by: DigDugNY
Date: December 01, 2017 06:54PM
I know right now a lot of the field testers can't really release any information yet about their tests and findings. But has anyone heard a date of when they are going to be able too? Just curious

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Re: Field tester report release?
Posted by: Des D
Date: December 03, 2017 01:35PM
An alternative answer to that might be the magazine writer guys are 'possibly' receiving detectors first?
Or [ some ] [ might already have one ] depending on who he is and where he lives i.e. in the USA or Europe.
One or two 'writer's', might already have a test detector so when the next magazine/s is/are due out, February 2018, a completed Field Test might be in them?
In the UK area, the January 2018 magazines have just come out!

"Lost Treasure" springs to mind and a regular contributor here pens reports for it!"

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