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Re: ML Pro Find 35 review
Posted by: Mswenson289
Date: December 24, 2017 08:35AM
I picked up my 35 this week and took it out yesterday. I too am a old fart with degraded hearing and found it difficult at times to hear it. I can only hope that with more Minelab products being released with wireless (blue tooth) that we will see a pinpointed from minelab. This would allow me to hear the pinpointed thru headphones without removing them and isolating some background noises. One issue I did have was that anytime the tip changed direction i.e.down in the hole to horizontal to check a handful of dirt it falsed. I also noted it going from horizontal to tip pointing up. I found by turning down sensitivity way down to the first or second setting this would stop but made it where you pretty well needed to be touching the target to detect it. I hope I described the issue I experienced well, it almost seemed like something was loose in the unit and made it false when moved.

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