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Re: The great Equinox conspiracy.
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: December 20, 2017 07:01PM
At least they took your post a little lighter than mine lol ,, it got deleted. Cannot joke and play here so serious. Just wondering since you quoted Kennedy are you awake also?

Not sure what you mean by "awake". Do I question everything? I try my best. Honestly, if you take every ones word as gospel, you are going to get burnt.

As for my article, it is a serious piece. Everything up until, the last paragraph and the conclusion, is factual.

The last paragraph asks questions and makes a few suppositions.

The now tattered and frayed relationships that inhabit the forums are the direct fault of Minelab not releasing any information, or so says the consensus.

I read many different forums and people all across them are fighting over this machine.

Why all the secrecy? Are there glaring issues? Is this a stunt to force the hand of the competition?

Again these are valid questions. Nothing here to suggest something sinister.

This large "silent gap" is not only causing strife, but is hurting Minelabs reputation.

Another true statement based on the frustration I am reading across the forums.

It's a lose/lose all the way around. This gap as well as a possible missed release date(they still have a few weeks left) gives the competition like Nokta/Makro, Fisher, Whites, XP and whomever else the chance to catch-up and possibly surpass with an early release of their own cancelling Equinox pre-orders. After all, would you rather wait 200 deep or get something much sooner?

IF I was their competitor, NOW would be the perfect time to post about a 'hot new machine" to draw pre-orders away from Minelab. If you give the competition a chance like this, you bet in some way, their are trying to capitalize on it.

So where is the "wild conspiracy" that my post is fostering?

I was only joking with my post, i thought it was obvious what i was doing but guess not. I even used question marks , it was not a statement but a question, that was a joke.

And on a serious note i totally agree with you beyonder i think what they have done is totally unfair to the consumers. If they needed 6 months of testing they should have waited and made the announcement when that was nearing completion and then they could have put out a completed product within a reasonable amount of time from the products announcement.

Yea you took a beating for that post lol. Some people can wait forever, and thats fine. Some can't. I know I am very passionate about the hobby. Maybe too passionate for some.

Re: The great Equinox conspiracy.
Posted by: RichW
Date: December 20, 2017 07:14PM
I'm glad they announced it early. They saved me a bunch of money because I was going to buy another machine that wasn't waterproof.

Re: The great Equinox conspiracy.
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: December 20, 2017 07:27PM

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