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Re: "It is what it is" Champ! Don't you know! LOL
Posted by: Tyber0z
Date: January 16, 2018 09:55PM
Champ Ferguson

Tyber, you do know that the charts that you posted are showing the wrong colors on the overlaps, right? I mean, Laws of Physics matter. :wave:

Are you daft? Those diagrams were created in software. The color change is done by the computer, not the user. I just placed the circles over one another and set them to be semi-transparent. The overlap color was automatically adjusted by the computer, not me. So you can't read and you don't understand Microsoft Office. That's ok, no one is perfect.

Careful with the name calling there Sparky. Some folks live to whine about detectors that aren't even released yet and report people. I was just going along with your compulsive nit picking. Trying to get into the spirit of your complaints doncha know.

Get over your fixation and try to focus on what Minelab says. Ignore the speculators:
Sept 2017: We have a cool new machine coming and its called the Equinox. It is in beta testing.
Dec 21 2017: The release date will be late January 2018

Don't let anything else you read get your panties in a wad. A lot of what is being said on this forum re Eq release date is tongue in cheek, but I get that not everyone picks up on that.

You are really backpedaling as fast as you can. In multiple posts over multiple threads, YOU insisted that minelab said the machine would only be "available for purchase", because you failed to see the next sentence, which said that customers that pre-ordered should begin to receive them in January. You were wrong, and if you were making a "tongue in cheek" joke, it was really asinine. I didn't fail to pick up on anything, nor am I a "compulsive nit-picker"; I just call people out for being stupid when they deserve it, Champ, and you are just desperate to look like you weren't wrong. Just admit you were wrong. Or don't. I don't give a @#$%& either way, bro.

Your stats say you aren't new here, but your writings say otherwise. I've never backpedaled a day in your short life. You really need to work on your reading comprehension. Minelab has been very clear on what they say and your discovery of these facts this week are laughable to most folks. Sometimes the world just spins faster than some folks can think, Trying to be gentle on you. Its set for late January and if ML doesn't make good on that. THEN you can whine about it.

I'm not responding to you because I've been asked by multiple people to stop picking on you, on account of how slow you are.
Have fun playing with yourself, Champ.

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