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Nox 600 Question First Time User
Posted by: metalfun
Date: March 10, 2019 10:43AM
Hey guys hope this isn't a dumb question but I tried my new 600 out for the first time in my own yard. Hunting in park 1 I had a couple of times I would have a 14,15 vdi but move a little and get a 32-36 jumpy signal but could never get the high tone sig to pinpoint. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I didn't dig the 14 or the high tone.Could this have been a treasure among trash? With my detectors in my past I've never gotton 2 different signals that close together. The 600 would pinpoint on the 14,15 sig. but not on the 32-36 sig. Thanks for all your help.

Re: Nox 600 Question First Time User
Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: March 10, 2019 01:58PM
I would have dug the 14,15 and gotten it out of the way. I would learn just what that scenario likely means the next time. I even do a pinpoint by swing and eye location over the tough signal, and dug that first.

I figure that you had a chunk of can shard though in your case, but I actually dug a silver dime with the NOX within the first days of getting it, and that little spot was way over hunted for years. It showed as a 1-way signal, the kind I am guilty of having passed that signal up with all of my other detectors. I opened up discrimination after the dig and found a swarm of other signals around that dug spot.

Re: Nox 600 Question First Time User
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: March 10, 2019 02:39PM
Tough call to try to guess what it could have been. 14-15 could likely be a pulltab. If the other signal is DIRECTLY beside, then it could be a rusty bottlecap.