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Noise cancel
Posted by: Wiganer
Date: March 04, 2018 12:11AM
Hi folks, just wondering about the noise cancel feature, from what I'm reading in the instructions is that there are 19 separate channels to avoid EMI. The 600 has auto only and the 800 has auto and manual selection.the manual states that the auto route is the preferred method.
So, is there any point to the manual adjustment? Or if the EMI doesn't settle down just re auto tune or lower the sensitivity, what's your thoughts please.

Re: Noise cancel
Posted by: laplander
Date: March 04, 2018 07:12AM
Manual noise cancel might be used during a competition hunt to avoid interference.
I haven't had a situation where I have to resort to manual yet, but it is just one more adjustment where you have full control of settings.

Re: Noise cancel
Posted by: bklein
Date: June 17, 2018 11:10PM
I'm really wondering about EMI vs perhaps just random channel noise perhaps due to the circuitry itself. The first thing is that NC is rarely repetitive on my machine. Maybe it is if I have a single frequency EMI noise source but I haven't come across that in testing yet. How can it be reliable if it is -8 the first try and +8 the second try? Next is that if you try single frequency 5KHz it is noticeably full of chatter/noise. Why in this freq mode only if it is EMI?
I looked at the TX signal with a spectrum analyzer and when the detector is doing NC the TX is OFF! This is different than with the CTX. The detector is actually acting like a receiver and noting the strongest signals and somehow tweaking things as a result. There probably is a benefit for having the NC for distinct nearfield interference but it seems when nothing's around to cause EMI there still remains the chatter depending on how the detector is set up - and might be a result of excessive gain. To me though that's fine as I'd like to know where the limits are rather than have the manufacturer set limits based on a population of units. For example on the CTX sometimes I'd like to crank the sensitivity up past 30 and hear that noise and back off.

Re: Noise cancel
Posted by: Metal Dictator
Date: August 29, 2018 09:49AM
My experience with the 800 is similar to yours. Here's what I have noticed though. When I am at a location with low EMI (where I can run 23 sensitivity or above) the noise cancel seems to settle around a central average number, no matter how many times I re-noise cancel. For example, when I am in a low EMI environment, the noise cancel might result in a "-2" and the machine runs quietly at a high sensitivity (23 or above). If I run noise cancel again, it might settle out a -2 again plus or minus a unit (-1 through -3 or so). However, if I am at a more difficult EMI environment, the noise cancel will likely not result in a consistent average number and the results seem to be all over the place like you described no matter how many times I re-noise cancel.

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