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I found an Equinox dealer and got my Nox 800 in two days last week.
Posted by: maxxkatt
Date: May 19, 2018 02:48PM
I had been looking at the Equinox 800 for the past two weeks in the forums and on youtube. I was convinced it was the detector for me. But i was very disappointed on the 2-3 month delay everyone was quoting.

I called a large dealer who I buy things from and he quoted 3-4 months. But then my salesman said just go to the Minelab web site and look up their dealer list and find smaller dealers and call a few of them. The first dealer I contacted had four coming in the next day and 3 spoken for. The second dealer I called had one in stock so I ordered that one. It arrived in perfect condition 2 days later.

It appears that when you call a large dealer they have a large waiting list because they have a large customer base and are very well known through their advertising. These smaller one man/woman shops get the product but have a much smaller waiting list. It seems as if minelabs has some kind of allocation system that treats the small dealers in a fair manner. I won't name my large minelab dealer but he said they had many hundreds of pre-orders they cannot fill because of very limited supply.

My dealer salesman is a good guy and gave me good advice to keep me happy. That sure makes me want to continue to order from him if he has the product I am looking for.

On the minelab dealer page there are about 150 dealer email addresses. Just find the smaller dealers in the different states and shoot them an email asking if they have the 800 in stock. If so whip out your charge card and be a very happy customer in 2-3 days.
Maybe I was just lucky, but I blasted out 150 emails asking if they had any in stock and found one that did.

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