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Iron Bias question
Posted by: Bob38
Date: July 12, 2018 04:56PM

Please tell me if I'm correct about Iron Bias (IB. Everything is an acronym nowadays). I have yet to find a good explanation of how IB works. Also, the manual just doesn't go far enough for me. Maybe I missed it somewhere. If so please send me in the right direction. Anyway below is my theory of how it MAY work.

For the IB to work, the detector needs to be in Multi-Frequency as the manual states. This tells me a mathematical algorithm is probably involved because I am a smart guy and I like saying "mathematical algorithm". Information from the Multi frequencies, depth, ground mineralization, and discrimination level may also figure into this algorithm to complete the analysis. The result of this algorithm corrupts this deception plot against us coin shooters which are launched by the natural processes of chemistry. Therefore, when hunting a patch of ground that indicates iron may be present, YOU adjust accordingly from 0-9.

Hell, maybe I don't need to know how it works. Maybe It's just a finely-tuned discrimination tool but I doubt it, it works too well for me.

You see this is the type of junk I think about.:shrug:

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Re: Iron Bias question
Posted by: BobOso
Date: October 26, 2018 05:59PM
You lost me on what you are asking. But the simple solution to find the IB that you like is to put your target next to some iron, adjust the IB until you only hear the target, No math involved.

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