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Why not a spider web design on the 11'' coil?
Posted by: rarysgaard
Date: February 13, 2012 02:30PM
I am just wondering why Detector Pro doesn't make the 11" coil a spider web design like their 8' coil. I find the 11" coil hard to pin point with while the 8" coil is a breeze. From reading this forum & others regularly, I am not alone. Most hunters recommend the 8'' because of ease in pinpointing. Just a thought.

Re: Why not a spider web design on the 11'' coil?
Posted by: tvr
Date: February 13, 2012 07:24PM
My alternate view:
Don't know their reasoning, but I like the single loop. The spider web shape has a lot of drag in the water. A thicker profile, like the 8 inch spider coil on my CZ-20 has more drag than the HH Pulse 11 inch coil does. When working in the shallow with moving waves, I want as little water drag from the coil as possible. That is one thing I like about the 11 inch HH Pulse coil, no huge water drag.

I can't say I've had trouble pinpointing. A couple of sweeps over the target while visualizing the coil position helps, then I place the coil on the bottom where I think it is centered and place the tip of the scoop at the back edge of the coil. Where I can not see the coil, I place a foot next to the coil then start the scoop off of my heel and pointed towards the center of where the coil was. I use either a scoop that is 6 inches in diameter or one that is not round but has a wide 9 inch width. A big scoop helps if I am not on center with the pinpointing.

Re: Why not a spider web design on the 11'' coil?
Posted by: Hobo lobo
Date: February 14, 2012 10:09PM
If it were a spider design it stiil would not make it easier to pinpoint., just heavier and more drag. The 8" pinpoints better because its smaller, not because its a spider.

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