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DetectorPro Service
Posted by: david bull
Date: October 02, 2014 05:39PM
I've got to give a big thumbs up to the DetectorPro service department.I returned my GrayGhost Deepwoods,which I have used for several years, exactly one week ago and received them repaired today! Great service! Thanks,David.

Gary is top notch
Posted by: therover
Date: October 02, 2014 06:27PM
Detector Pro service has never let me down. Did not need it much, but when there were a few issues, everything was corrected in short order, and I was completely satisfied.

How's it going David ? Still swinging the XL-Pro ?

Re: Gary is top notch
Posted by: david bull
Date: October 02, 2014 07:53PM
Ha! I broke the Pro down and cleaned everything just this morning.Still love it.Picked up an Etrac to play with(tough machine to learn).

Re: DetectorPro Service
Posted by: C.J.M.
Date: December 04, 2014 06:40PM
they have great service.:clapping:

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