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Uniprobe under bleachers
Posted by: cjrjr507
Date: October 29, 2014 06:48AM
Hi All

Anybody ever use an uniprobe for searching for coins and ring under bleachers ?

Re: Uniprobe under bleachers
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: October 29, 2014 07:36AM
nope...but I do hunt under bleachers a lot! Its tough dangerous duty, scuttling around under there in the trash and trying not to ding your noggin on the structure...physically demanding, which is why its a good place to hunt for somebody relatively spry.

They all have certain profitable 'drop zones' and once you identify them, you can clean out all the tabs and such to have an easier time the next time you go..If theres a concession stand at the sportsfield, theres gonna be plenty of clad along with foil and tabs...Folks that go to sporting events, the 'regulars' that are there every week to watch little Johnny or little Susie compete, pretty much sit in the SAME place every time, in that way its like Church, where folks get comfortable in one specific seat, and continue to go back to it each you can sort of figure out where the big money jewelry wearing Moms and Dads are sitting based upon what you find under cups and sunflower seeds are a good tell...the Dads that cant smoke at the game, gobble up those sunflower seeds with abandon..the empty coffee cups, if they have lipstick on the brim, tell a guy a are right under where a Mom you dont have to be at the game to figure out who sat where, the trash tells it all...

I've never tried a pinpointer, i dont have one, but I would think a guy with a small coil would be in hog heaven, I dont have one of those either! :sadwalk: I only have a big 11"dd on my heater, so I have to run it in a way to pick through the trash and come out with the goodies....I've not found any gold rings yet...a few necklace medallions and lots of clad...sometimes a paper dollar...all sorts of empty pop cans which are worth a dime each here...

Sometimes I can lift and move those smaller aluminum bleacher sections and hit it good...but for the permanent ones, a guy can sort of clean out the drop zones, and keep at it through the year following the local event schedule to maximize profit.:thumbup:

ps...if you ever happen upon a big section of bleachers that have never been will flat clean up some huge totals in money...might be you best day ever, or your worse day ever, on account of its so dirty and tough hunting crawling around under there in everyones trash...

Nasty words, and suggestive post.

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Re: Uniprobe under bleachers
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: November 09, 2014 01:21PM
I have used the Pro Pointer in tot lots where they have a lot of metal items for the kids to play on and I hunt under bleachers with a small coil on my Sov GT. Might be missing some coins that are real close to the metal but I get the majority of them.

I try to give the bleachers an annual cleaning.

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