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DP Underwater and wet conditions
Posted by: therover
Date: November 24, 2014 07:23AM
Been using my DP Underwater on the beach in the dry sand since the wet sand hasn't had much if any targets. I have also tested in my test garden in dry conditions and certain deeper targets (silver dime and silver quarter), could not be heard with volume at max, disc 2 and sensitivity at 8 ( just on the verge of chatter).

This morning, after a night of rain, I decided to take it back out to test garden. MAJOR improvement. The 8 inch silver dime and 10 inch silver quarter were heard with faint, repeatable signals. Now mind you, the targets did not blow my ears off, but they were distinctly heard and were repeatable when sweeping from different directions. Also, the unit was silent when sweeping over areas known to not have any targets, so I know it was not attributed to any falsing. Known iron targets were either totally discriminated out, or were broken up and a totally different sound than the faint repeatables of the dime and quarter.

Bottom line....the DP UW works much better in wet conditions (as do some other units). Deeper targets will be fainter, repeatable signals that are clear and distinct. They will not sound loud like the shallower targets so one needs to pay attention.

Gonna take the DP UW out to some wooded areas and parks now that the ground is starting to become damp and see what transpires. Will try to hit the beach in the near future, but man it's been brutal at the places I hunt in the wet sand.

Re: DP Underwater and wet conditions
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: November 29, 2014 09:03AM
Sounds like a good review. Understandable as well with the wet and dry conditions as far as performance is concerned. You can't expect to many miracles with only 2.4khz

I was able to achieve 14'' on a quarter and also with the 10 coil. Minor tweaking of corse. Looking to recieveing a landpro and I'm sure samething will be done with it.

Minor adjustments and possibly removeing the probe. will see. lol Good luck.

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