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DP choices
Posted by: jlw35
Date: February 16, 2015 03:29PM
OK, I've researched until I hit information overload! I'm a dry sand detector now because of my equipment (Coinmaster), and am looking to move into the wet/surf of Southern California.
For the price, Detector Pro seems to me to be the way to go.

My question then is this, is there a meaningful difference between the Underwater and the Wader? I do not intend to dive with the unit, will get wet up to maybe my knees and no deeper.

Secondly, are both units capable of "dry sand detecting" as well?

Third and final, does the limitation of an 8" coil seem a little small for beach detecting?

Thank you in advance for any input.

As a side note, I limited myself to a $1000 budget, which gave some additional choices, however, it seems that most of the PI detectors were on the heavy side (another plus for the DP).

Re: DP choices
Posted by: TXPIRATE
Date: February 16, 2015 04:00PM
With the wader being discontinue AND THE 8" UNDERWATER less than a $100 more with recharable battery I would go with the underwater.

Re: DP choices
Posted by: jlw35
Date: February 16, 2015 04:03PM
Thank you TXPIRATE, did not realize that it was being discontinued.


Re: DP choices
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: February 20, 2015 03:13PM
Agree with TX. Try hanging in there until Spring. I think you will find the UW with a great package.

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