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12x10''SEF coil
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: March 10, 2015 05:15AM
I did the unthinkable and so far so good. I installed a 12x10''SEF Coil onto my Landpro. Tweaking the pots to fine tune it. I figurte if anything I'll fry something . NOPE.

Hitting rather nicely on the air tests . I'm still tweaking but anyway. The coil was for a Tesoro cibola. Tejon. 12x10'' SEF.4pin, So far I'm looking at 12'' with the coil doing simple air tests. quarter.dime. 14kt ring. :thumbup: I've got it tweaked to where I want it . Looking to throw back some reviews on it soon ,so far so good very sensitive as well.

Nice to know there is another coil option that works out there. Just wanted to share this with other owners of the older models.

Re: 12x10''SEF coil
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: March 10, 2015 06:17AM
Well done! Nice set up there!:clapping:

Nasty words, and suggestive post.

Re: 12x10''SEF coil
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: March 17, 2015 07:01PM
Just put this little unit together this evening. A PYLE hdmd. with detectorpro 8'' coil hardwired and tuned.

10'' on a dime. Not bad. . opperates on 1 9vlt. :thumbup:

Re: 12x10''SEF coil
Posted by: wltdwiz
Date: March 17, 2015 08:08PM
well done ray :clapping:


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Minelab SDC 2300 for the nuggets

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