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Posted by: finnfoto
Date: March 15, 2015 12:28PM
Well sir. you came you posted and dissapeared . You haven't replied back to messages sent or emails. a few months now.

Kinda makes me wonder if seahunter isn't Mr. Storm? Hmmmmmm:clapping::pinnochio

Re: seahunter34
Posted by: seahunter34
Date: June 11, 2016 07:22PM
My mother has been very ill fighting for life and most doctors do not respect the elderly. They would rather just let them pass as they see no value saving old people! I could write a book! To this day she is still in the hospital, but alive because she is a fighter and we fight for her. Believe me I've had several encounters with hospital security and the doctors and nurses think I'm crazy! All because I fight to keep my mother alive and expect them to do their jobs! Time has been flying as I also run a business. And, finnfoto- no I'm not Mr. Storm.:crylol:

Re: seahunter34
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: June 12, 2016 01:04PM
Prayers m8 to you and yours.

Re: seahunter34
Posted by: pasttom
Date: July 19, 2016 11:50AM
I just went through a 7 month roller coaster with my 90 year old mother who passed a month ago. It kind of reminds me of when I get tired and the ground is hard and I get impatient and nick a nice coin. I see I have to be more careful. I seem to care more for the wheatie than that doctor for their patient. Not all of course but too darn many! I could tell some stories! And no I am not Mr. Storm either, but as I am an orphan now he could adopt me... :wiggle:

Pastor Tom
An E 800 and several obsolete units
Excavations by my Corgi, Sadie

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