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Pirate Pro Test
Posted by: ken ward
Date: April 07, 2015 11:24AM
I have this Tot Lot that I hunt a lot. Many times I have to wait for a couple months to give the kids a chance to leave me some goodies. I stopped their this morning to try a little test. I had the senc set at 8. Disc set at 4. I picked out a spot about 30 foot by 30 foot. I hunted it slowly. Anything that went BEEP, I dug.. All I found was 5 pennies,, 2 nickels,, and 1 dime.
I reset my disc at 0. Worked a grid the other direction. I dug every BEEP. This detector picked up some very tiny items. The first picture with the coins was with disc at 4.. The picture with the nail and very tiny items was at 0. Nothing was more than 4" deep. What I like is that this thing, it can and will find very tiny items. I really think it will find a gold chain if you give it a chance. I have a swimming hole that has a nice beach. When I get a chance, I will hit it with the disc at 0. Just to see if I can find a chain. I have hunted this beach to death with another detector. All I need is a day off work. Thanks for reading. KEN,, Ind.

My Detectors : Whites Surfmaster 2,,2 Tesoro Compadre,1 Detector Pro Pirate Pro 1 Silver uMaz, 1 Fisher 1266x

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