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Sanibel Island Earrings
Posted by: tvr
Date: May 19, 2015 04:05PM
Wife and I flew to into Fort Myers last Friday and are sitting in the airport to fly home. Packed the Wader and HH Pulse. Did nearly all the detecting in the wonderful water with the Pulse, but did sweep a volley ball court with the wader and found a $1.87 coin spill.

It was a 59 bottle cap vacation. Totaled a little over $5 in clad. Have one disc that is encrusted and a little bigger than a quarter that I need to hit with electrolysis when we get home to makes sure it is a quarter. I think the encrustation is the only size difference.

Couple of junk pieces of jewelry, couple of fishing weights, a few fish hooks ... all normal stuff but nothing of of value other than the experience.

So one experience, the subject line of the post; we are on Sanibel Island, wife looking for shells and me not finding many targets at all, not even trash, when wife comes over waving me out of the water. She says lady from Kansas lost her earrings in the water. I know right where they are. I work my way down to the general area and my wife points to the spot then takes off looking for shells. Right where the beach sand sits as a berm, the lady was sitting and a wave washed over her. For some reason she was holding her earrings in her hand and sure enough, they got swept into the water. About two minutes sweeping the berm and bang, there is the first one. Less than a minute later and about two feet away and there is the second one. I walk down the beach and ask wife if she can show me the lady. Wife snaps picture of the earrings then we walk over to her. I ask her is she had lost anything. She said some earrings, not expensive ones but she liked them. I asked her what they looked like. Hearts. I opened my hand and said Like these? She is amazed that they could be found. She asked if she owed me anything, I said no. Easy find and they are hers.

Good few days away from the grind. Good to be in the water. We saw a lot of birds, about 8 manatees. Fish jumping. Grouper sandwiches. Great time.

Re: Sanibel Island Earrings
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: May 20, 2015 10:52AM
Great trip and that was a fine thing you did..:clapping:

Nasty words, and suggestive post.

Re: Sanibel Island Earrings
Posted by: tvr
Date: May 20, 2015 07:04PM
Thanks Mudd. Always feels good to return something, even if they are really what I'd consider junk. There is a little more to the story, so here goes.

Besides the bottle caps and a few hair pins, totals are:
$5.03; and the encrusted quarter is a no date left clad.
Two new green buttons in an unopened plastic bag; yes they are metal.
10 fish hooks, most of them much smaller than I normally find at the ocean.
5 fishing weights, again mostly smaller that I normally find at the ocean.
Cheap toy car
36 tabs
Junk ankle bracelet.
Two junk earrings.
Small junk chain ... had to dig it five times before I had it in hand. Kept falling through the scoop. I was amazed at the small links. I think it is steel.

The 7.5 inch whelk was found when I stepped on it and took it to my wife for her collection ... but ... it was still inhabited by a very live creature, so it went back in the water. Wife found a 5.5 and 4 inch whelk that were not inhabited, so those came home. Those two are in the picture of some of her shells.

And the rest of the story ... my wife took the picture of the old guy with the HH Pulse in the water and she just happened to capture the young girl who, I found out, has a detector. Her mother come over to me and mentioned that her daughter has a detector and likes finding things around her yard. Said she had already found an old garden by finding buried metal edging. I asked how old her house was; built in 1956. When I suggested that she see if she could figure out where a close line used to be the girl asked why. I explained that my house is about the same age and when I first detected the close line area I turned up a silver quarter, and three silver rings. Probably dropped from pockets or flew off fingers when the clothes got a good shake before hanging on the line. She asked how to find where it was. I suggested looking for two trees close enough together and right out the back door or door closest to the washer hook (if the hook up is in the same place) ... or what is left of metal poles in the ground and then draw a line between them. And, she may ask a neighbor who has been there a long time. Her eyes lit up on that one, she knew exactly who to ask!

After I recovered the earrings (in the first post), I showed them to the girl before finding my wife to show me the owner, again, a big smile on her face. I hope she has fun detecting and it teaches her persistence rather than getting bored with it.

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Re: Sanibel Island Earrings
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: May 30, 2015 10:52AM
Awesome trip . Good on your part for returning the earrings. I bet that made her day.

So the PI. did some serious work indeed. :detecting::thumbup:

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