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Possible UW Purchase
Posted by: dan h
Date: October 08, 2015 10:53AM
I've been thinking of buying the new UW model mostly for inland use during the rainy season. Since the electronics are built into the headphones, I wonder if the 'phones are heavy and tend to slip off.

Re: Possible UW Purchase
Posted by: ken ward
Date: October 08, 2015 05:49PM
I don't know much about the UW. But the headphones on my pirote pro, the head phones are just a little heavier that normal head phones. They stay on your head very good. I never had one fall off yet... KEN
from Ind.

My Detectors : Whites Surfmaster 2,,2 Tesoro Compadre,1 Detector Pro Pirate Pro 1 Silver uMaz, 1 Fisher 1266x

Re: Possible UW Purchase
Posted by: tvr
Date: October 08, 2015 05:51PM
While I have not used an UnderWater; I do have and use a Wader and a Head Hunter Pulse. I've found them both to be comfortable in use and have not had problems with them slipping off. Could not imagine the UnderWater being much different.

Re: Possible UW Purchase
Posted by: finnfoto
Date: October 11, 2015 09:52AM
The underwater is very comfortable. Honestly I would say as comfortable if not more comfortable then the piratepro or wader units. A little bit more weight but hardly even noticeable . Ive snorkled with the underwater and they never moved. very positive aspect that i like about the underwater.

This unit is very sensitive compared to the other units. I had some issues with the one I had as I got it used. I had to tweak the sensitivity down a bit but WOW. very impressed with its performance . I think you will enjoy it. :thumbup:Good luck.

Re: Possible UW Purchase
Posted by: Miser67
Date: October 12, 2015 02:22PM
You will have no problem using the unit for that purpose. It works very well on land and at the beach.

The one change I made was to get an Anderson Straight Shaft for it (you have to get the "Universal" straight shaft).

I really like it alot over the stock shaft.

As always, any post I make here is solely my opinion based on my own experience and knowledge. Feel free to disagree.

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