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Cornwall council parking charges:ukflag:
Posted by: JAN1
Date: October 30, 2015 06:34AM
At last next Monday is the 1st Nov.
Doesn't seem much but in Cornwall the Council stops charging on nearly all of the beach car parks, which means we can stay and have a good day without it costing a fortune to park, at the moment it costs about $10, next week it will be free and as there are about 400 beaches in the area the costs can soon get out of control.
So I hope I can get out for some serious detecting. Mondays weather looks OK at the moment but with the Wader there ate no problems if it rains.
I don't know if you can get the BBC programs in the US but the new season of the metal detecting comedy, yes I know starts today on BBC 4, you may be able to download it off i player. It is very good.

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