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Black Widow Headphones using Explorer SE
Posted by: Knipper
Date: November 20, 2015 08:26PM
I bought these as my hearing is not what it was. Using them on my Minelab Explorer SE was very dissappointing! Though the volume was just what I was looking for, the tone on these is just awful. They turn all crisp sharp signals into a generic muffled noise that is far from easy to interpret. Adjusting the tone on my machine was of no help. It's as if you are listening to a favorite song on the stereo with the treble turned all the way down. My ears NEED high treble....volume alone doesn't do it. I can't speak for their performance on other machines, but with the Explorer SE, I would not recommend them, as signal interpretation is a big part of analyzing the signal. Lesson learned, but out the money!


PS...the tone from my Uniprobe headphones and probe is great, however. I wish I could get the tonal quality of those and the volume of the Black Widow combined....

Terry Knipschield
SE Minnesota
Minelab SE Pro
Minelab Excalibur II
Troy X-5
Tesoro Tejon
Minelab E-trac

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Re: Black Widow Headphones using Explorer SE
Posted by: pghmole
Date: December 28, 2017 11:45AM
They switched speakers at some point,I tried a friends brand new set and they sounded muddy and not like my old set,the old ones are extremely defined with the sound,night and day difference,my friend called and sent his back to have the old style speakers put in for 20 bucks now they sound just like mine,hope that helps,mole

Glad you cleared that up pg
Posted by: therover
Date: December 30, 2017 10:13AM
My old model Black Widows are super. All tones on all the machines I run (E-Trac, CZ's, F75, Whites units) sound crisp and clear through all tones....low to high.

Good to know you can get the old style speakers put in.

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