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Posted by: Lennie anderson
Date: December 21, 2016 11:51PM
After much confusion are the detectorpro underwater detectors pulse induction or vlf they advrrtise pi then when you go through the specs it says 4 hkhz which is vlf can anyone tgat actually owns them set the record straight for me please,, thanks all and a merry and safe xmas ,, lennie

Re: Detectorpro
Posted by: foggynotion
Date: December 22, 2016 04:05AM
DetectorPro discontinued the Headhunter Pulse, which was the only pulse induction detector in their line. All of their currently manufactured detector models are VLF.

Re: Detectorpro
Posted by: Miser67
Date: December 22, 2016 08:58AM
That is correct.

The Detectorpro Pulse is, sadly, no longer made.

The Underwater, Pirate, and Pirate Pro all operate at 2.4 kHz.

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Re: Detectorpro
Posted by: Buddy_TX
Date: June 02, 2017 05:31PM
Don't forget the Wader and yellow diver are also 2.4kz

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