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Does Faith Promote Sin?
Posted by: SeniorSeeker
Date: October 20, 2011 11:57AM
Does Faith Promote Sin?

One of the main accusations against Paul was that his gospel of justification by faith alone encouraged people to sin. No doubt the accusers reasoned that if people do not have to keep the law to be accepted by God, why should they be concerned with how they live?

How does Paul respond to the accusation that a doctrine of justification by faith alone encourages sinful behavior? Gal. 2:17, 18.

Galatians 2:17-18

Re: Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace to accept while yet sinners, but
Posted by: Ma Betty in MO
Date: October 20, 2011 04:33PM
by repentance and becoming godly wise and growing in the knowledge of God's Holy Word which increases our faith more and more for living like Christ! To keep on sinning, willfully, and not changed from the old man to the new man is not Christian! May God help us to draw more sinners unto Jesus by words of truth and kind actions! Amen! :angel: Ma Betty

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