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Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: Mike from MI "Iron Brigade"
Date: December 22, 2017 05:42PM
I pre heated the oven and when it was ready placed some food inside. I was still in the kitchen about to prepare some food on the stove top. All of a sudden I heard the noise like a blow torch behind the stove. I hit cancel on the oven and then quickly turned off the propane. Apparently the flex line behind the stove sprung a gas leak. I think of what could have happened if I had just went in the living room and let the oven cook for 25 minutes. Lots of gas would have filled that room until BOOOMMMM!!!!! :hot: Praise the Lord for keeping me in there long enough to hear that gas leak. I have since replaced the line with a new one and all is good!

:canadaflag:yo Miky
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: December 22, 2017 07:06PM
Devine intervention. Thanks also for the nifty Christmas card.....and stamps on the envelope. Best to you and the brood !

Dodged a bullet -
Posted by: steve in so az
Date: December 22, 2017 07:24PM
As L said, the Lord intervened. Glad all's well & fixed. Steve in so la

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: Missouri Ma Betty22
Date: December 22, 2017 10:59PM
Praise the Lord, Mike, for He is watching over you, family and home! Ma

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: December 23, 2017 09:53AM
Praise the LORD---glad you and family are safe. Merry Christmas.

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: C.J.M.
Date: December 23, 2017 10:28AM

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: SeniorSeeker
Date: December 23, 2017 01:58PM
Praise God He kept you in the kitchen! So glad you and your family are safe.

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: Digdoug
Date: December 26, 2017 06:26AM
Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: detector-chic
Date: December 30, 2017 02:25PM
Glad you are safe!!

Re: Wow that was close!!!! :surprised:
Posted by: 7centsworth
Date: January 02, 2018 08:33PM
I'm glad you found it and everything was safe.

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Not good,Mike........:sad:
Posted by: warthog
Date: January 04, 2018 07:37AM
When we replaced our kitchen range 2 years ago, we also replaced the flex hose, even though it looked ok. You can never be too careful, thank God you're ok........

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