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When the back goes, you could sure make it as a writer.
Posted by: George-CT
Date: December 24, 2010 10:52AM
Enjoy reading your post. I have a Watika here also. Handy took in the dirt for sure. Does a good job on roots also. Geo-CT

Re: Tuta's Watika
Posted by: Cupajo
Date: December 24, 2010 01:28PM
Many Thanks for the Ride Friend!


Funny and classy story:thumbup: ............
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: December 24, 2010 02:24PM
much appreciated and thank you for the time and effort you spent for us:smile:

A liar will assume you are lying

That is a very moving, touching and overall humerous story Mudpuppy... And I loved it..
Posted by: Mikie
Date: December 24, 2010 02:43PM
Many thanks for a delightful insight into your life. :thumbup:

calm seas


"There's no present like the time"

"A dog is better than me, for she has love and does not judge"

"Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most; That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love... true love never dies. You remember that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. You see, a man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in"

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:usaflag:The Christmas Fox
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: December 21, 2010 09:19AM
Out of all the animals I've hunted or trapped in my life, a few meant more than others, and taught me lessons I needed to learn....

1980 was the year, St Cloud Minnesota was the place. I had met my wife the year before and now she was heavy with child. We both worked at a well known Swiss owned manufacturer in that town, when they closed the doors in the Spring, we were out of work, no health insurance, and no prospects in sight. We sold what we could to get by, and I started painting houses and doing handyman work for cash. I was only 21, so I didn't have any education or too many skills to speak of, just a love for a woman, a .22 winchester semi auto, and a few snares.

Our daughter was born in early October, and I distinctly remember the fear and the joy of that morning! Things were looking grim as winter approached, and I had a 10,000.00 hospital bill to was I going to take care of my family? As Christmas approached I had run through everything of value that I could sell, and was short..Construction work had come to a halt, and it was cold.

Just a little out of town were some old abandoned granite quarries, about 100 acres of a boulder strewn wasteland that held some deer, rabbits, and squirrels.
So I would take the .22 out there and get what I could. Fox that year were bringing 70 bucks for a good one, and every body was after them!

That .22 was awful! The barrel was held in place to the reciever with a little jam nut of some sort, which kept working itself loose causing the barrel to wobble around. Since the scope was mounted to the top of the reciever, it was one of those "spray and pray" shootin irons.

On Christmas eve day I went out there to see if I could call in a fox, to get enough money to buy the Wife something nice. It was cold! I tried blowing on the call, but the reed froze up, I was shut down. I took the snare out, and placed it carefully on a rabbit trail, making sure the loop was high enough to let the rabbits run under, and after putting some guide sticks in the snow, headed back to the truck. And then, I prayed, not being a Christian at the time, I was not sure it would help. God had been pursuing me for several years, and I could feel His hand of protection and guidance for a while now, but didn't understand, or was too fearful to acknowledge it.

I headed for the pawn shop with the rifle, and made a deal to sell it for 60 dollars, by now it was getting dark, after filling up the truck, and buying some milk/groceries for the house, I was down to 20 dollars...I had to drive past the quarries to get home, giftless, and gunless, but at least with some food. I dont know what made me do it, but I decided to stop and check the snare, even though it usually takes a night before the critters move.

As I approached the spot, I could see a big red fox bouncing around in it! I quickly dispatched him and headed for the local fur buyers house, where I got another 60 bucks for him. I cant even remember what I got for the Wife that year, but just the other day, after going through 30 years of this stuff together, how we both got led to the Lord a few years later, and how He provides for the sparrows of the field, and loves us even more! She said, "Well, no matter what happens in this World, I have learned one thing, about you and God, between the two of you, I dont have to worry about starving to death". I guess thats about the greatest thing I ever heard her say about me, and the Christmas fox was a lesson regarding provisions supplied by the Creator, just when you need them the most...

Nasty words, and suggestive post.

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Mudpuppy, this is a fantastic story............
Posted by: Kelley (Texas)
Date: December 21, 2010 10:16AM
I hope you will post another one in the near future. I really enjoyed this story and would like to thank you for sharing it with the Forum. Please have a great Christmas! Kelley (Texas) :clap:

"Try to live up to your dog's opinion of you!"

Excellent! Thank you!:thumbup:N/T
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: December 21, 2010 10:27AM

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A liar will assume you are lying

Enjoyed that Mudpuppy.
Posted by: George-CT
Date: December 21, 2010 11:22AM
Tough times create a smarter man in the end. Sounds like the tracks you leave behind are all good ones.


Great story Mudpuppy... And a true lesson for todays world.. :thumbup:N/T
Posted by: Mikie
Date: December 21, 2010 12:08PM

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I really enjoyed that Mudpuppy. Good to actually
Posted by: Royal
Date: December 21, 2010 01:42PM
have a story on the Story Forum. :super: I loved it


A great story mudpuppy :clapping:.........
Posted by: Rob/Windsor, Ont.
Date: December 21, 2010 08:40PM
It never ceases to amaze me that most of our greatest life stories have had their origins in hardship of some kind. I suppose I'd have to say that this is so because these tough periods in life are what makes appreciative of what we have. I really enjoyed reading your story mudpuppy. And I'm happy to see where life has led you and your family :cheers:

Nice story , new those time well, broke no job, and some how keeping the family feed.
Posted by: Bayrat76
Date: December 23, 2010 08:38PM
Really enjoyed it Mudpuppy.


Re: :usaflag:The Christmas Fox
Posted by: LabradorBob
Date: December 24, 2010 01:59PM
I have always believed you have to give to receive!



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Now that is funny!:lol: ..........close to home but still a :rofl:............
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: January 16, 2011 11:27AM
Are you by any chance a pro writer or humorist?

A liar will assume you are lying

Re: :usaflag: Stories by mudpuppy.........
Posted by: Ed Steinhoff
Date: December 23, 2012 12:05AM
As having preached my stepdaughters ( two ) funeral services just this year, I understand fully why you WILL be the one digging and why you HAVE to do it! Excel ant story!

the best stuff is always the true stuff! You can't make that up. HH Ed in co.

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