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Re: Green Moray eel dcided to attack me....
Posted by: tippyhound
Date: December 22, 2011 05:11AM
Years back during my Navy days I was stationed in Key West Florida. We did a lot of diving as at 18 it was about all I could legally do. Seen a lot of sharks and Moray Ells. Not that I felt safe around them, but I trusted the sharks more then the Moray Ells. They had lots of teeth and needed no provocation to attack. Was bitten twice be them. Once when I was retrieving a fish I had shot with a spear gun. Rick IL.

:stars::stars:Re: Green Moray eel dcided to attack me....
Posted by: SonnyFl
Date: December 23, 2011 12:15PM
YIIIIKES! I knew there something lacking between the ears! :stars: I thought I was the :crazy: one. I got nailed by a small spotted one that darted out from under a ledge. Gloves or No Gloves, it nailed me. Ended up with many stiches on my finger. His bite really burnt. Of course a tetna shot was required. Infection didn't have a chance to sent in. I would have loved to have been there to see ya walking water. :rofl :rofl:

Re: :stars::stars:Re: Green Moray eel dcided to attack me....
Posted by: tippyhound
Date: December 23, 2011 11:17PM
The Moray Ells I remember were not Green in color, They were quite dark,in color and could be found any where from under rocks to hiding under metal fragments, to hiding in holes in the reefs they were 3 to 8 feet in length and very vicious when cornered or disturbed.

One of the things we liked to do was hunt Claw less Lobster in the reefs. The Cubans (Conchs) had another name for them and though I remember the name I don't remember how to spell it so we'll just call them Claw less Lobsters. We would build baskets out of Porous potato sacks with heavy wire forming the mouth, this was put over the hole in the reef and a stick was pushed into the hole which if there was a lobster in the hole it would come out backwards and he was caught, unfortunately some time the occupant wasn't a lobster and the is how most of us had run ins with the Moray Ell. I only was bitten twice in two years, one was bad enough to require stitch's the other was only a scratch. Both times I got a tetanus shot. Another problem we faced was with Poisonous Jelly fish. Problem with them you didn't know they were there until It was to late and those guys would take the hide right off you. We carried Ammonia in the boat to stop the pain, but usually you required medical treatment as you suffered sever skin burns as well as skin loss.

By the way the Claw less Lobster were super good eating, very much worth the effort. Rick IL.

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Re: Green Moray eel dcided to attack me....
Posted by: Steve O
Date: February 04, 2012 05:52AM
That footage was great. At one point the eel stopped and looked back at you as if to say ' Yo, what do ya think your doin following me around like that, kock it off '. Glad he didn't draw blood, it could have gotten a little busier down there.

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