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Veteran's day thoughts
Posted by: Detector Man
Date: November 07, 2015 06:06PM
I have been thinking for a while about posting my feelings about my friend Tim......

How I met my friend Tim

I landed in Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam in mid February 1968. By Mid March I was shipped off to Chu Lai to be assigned to a unit. From there, I took a chopper to our forward base called LZ Baldy located between Chu Lai and Da Nang…Once there I got my gear all together and took another chopper ride to join my company……I land in the middle of nowhere and I meet my guys….we all have small talk. I mention where I’m from in California and then someone says ……Hey!! Tim is from there! I’m thinking NO WAY !!!….i ask: Where is this guy? They respond: Not here, he is in Japan recuperating from Hepatitis……when do you expect him back? They say: don’t know. I am very suspicious, first they tell me there is a guy in the middle of nowhere in Vnam that is from my home town but I can’t meet him because he is getting treated in Japan for Hepatitis?????
Weird….but I’m thinking OK ….for the next week I’m checking out all the choppers coming and going and see if anyone comes out that could be new comers just supplies, mail, replacements, guys going home etc.

One day in late March I hear someone yelling…….THERE HE IS…TIM IS BACK !!! I rushed to the chopper pad and sure enough there is Tim….I greeted him and introduced myself and he was just as surprised as I was about our connection. Usually I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what I deem to be vague information about things and I information from the guys I felt this would quickly evaporate as well but there he was!!!!! The great part was that he was in my squad so we got to know each other very well…..his family lived about 4 miles from my family’s home. He had been in Vnam about 4 months and had survived the Tet offensive….i got to our unit on the tail end of Tet….
Tim was scheduled to leave around Nov 1968 with his group that came in-country at the same time he did. Around Oct after a miserable monsoon week of nonstop rain….we were going up this hill for the night and it was one of those things where you took 1step up the hill and 3 steps back in the rain and we were all soaked to the bone. The joke during monsoon season was that the only dry spot we had was between the helmet and helmet liner!! Upon reaching the summit of this short but steep hill my friend Tim comes up to me and says something along the line: Hey do you know how to repair M16s, M79, M60s?? Without hesitation I said YESSSSSSSSSS I’m your guy……Tim smiles and says…..get your stuff and get on that chopper !!! I get on the chopper out of the field on the way to LZ Baldy ……YES !!
It didn’t take long before the loyalty factor kicked in and I started having a feeling that I was abandoning my guys.. It was hard but being busy all day doing odd and ends I eventually worked out of that mode.
Later, once I got home and I was out of the military I often thought about that fateful day where Tim took me out of the field…..I never did ask Tim on how I got to be the lucky one…….and after all these years I doubt he would recall the details.
I kept thinking why me? Why not Baker, or Big John or Polack or Joe? I had no explanation but I will forever owe him….i do mean forever.

At the present time Tim lives about 20-30 minutes from my house. He rarely stops but I regularly go to his place and remember the good times in the field with the guys. I will forever be grateful to Tim for getting me out of the bush. Thank you Tim !!!

Re: Detector Man, Great Memories...
Posted by: Ron J
Date: November 08, 2015 03:47AM
You never know where fate will take you. I certainly hope you could post a couple more stories of you Tour. It would be nice, if you and Tim shared a few moments together on Veterans Day , have drink , and share some stories!
I Salute You! Thank You for your Service.

pics of Tim , me and Brad
Posted by: Detector Man
Date: November 08, 2015 05:53PM
Brad was my previous squad leader........he is the guy at the beach laying on the air the one holding the can and Tim is next to me

Maybe 5-7yrs ago we had a mini reunion and we took another picture.....Tim is the one with the white tshirt..........Brad is in the middle and im in the yellow Tshirt

then we have TIm and I during stand down the one on the right side

I hope i got the resolution down not too low

Detector Man, You are so fortunate
Posted by: Ron J
Date: November 08, 2015 06:41PM
To have such friends and be able to stay in touch all these years! Great photos, and I hope great memories for you! :thumbup::usaflag:

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Re: Detector Man, You are so fortunate
Posted by: Detector Man
Date: November 08, 2015 07:12PM
Thank you Ron J.......over the years i have located a bunch of our guys and when we went to our 196th LIB reunion we had an excellent turnout.....from our Lt to our squad leader to our Lt Gen (Sam Wetzel) peons like
We do have many great memories as opposed to bad of my favorite memories was how my friend Larry and some of us were pulling guard duty in Da Nang at a place called Camp Horn.....we called it Disneyland thats how good it was......but Larry (a good olde countryboy) one night sang country western tunes to this Vietnamese lady who was having a medic, no 911, no nothing just larry and a couple guys on guard duty....we laughed like heck at the reunion about that one...i didnt get to see it since we were at different posts

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