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Tough looking country Fred but raw beauty, great job! ...........
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: June 27, 2010 05:46PM
i would really enjoy a chance to walk there! Looks like the ground is all gravel and not much for crops, pasture only?
The hidden springs would be a jewel of a place i bet. Thank you for the photos and your hard work!:thumbup::thumbup:

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Wayne, that ground is everything, solid rock, gravel, dirt, and burrs..............
Posted by: Kelley (Texas)
Date: June 27, 2010 06:36PM
I just happen to be standing on gravel in a clear area, just off of the last paved road that borders this area on the north. I would strongly suggest horseback, not walking. Wayne, the ranch horses we used were similar to the ones that you used when you were packing people on those hunting trips...they have to be sure footed. I would not want to ride one of the weekend stable type horses back in this area. It is a lot more harsh then it appears from these pictures. Those springs are sure welcomed on hot days because the water in your canteen gets warm. I remember one time that I surprised a beautiful bobcat at one of the springs...he took off like a rocket. I only saw one mountain lion over all those years and it was in the distance. There are lots of deer, some feral hogs, and coyotes throughout the area. The cows and calves have a tendency of being half wild and hard to handle. They know the trails and where to hide. It is good money for a boy growing up that likes the outdoors. I always liked working for a rancher that paid by the head, not by the day. Also, this was always better than working in a hay field loading hay. Kelley (Texas) :)

Nice. I would love to explore that country but could not take that heat!! So much history remainsN/T
Posted by: Royal
Date: June 28, 2010 07:03AM

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Re: Stories by Kelley (Texas) .............
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: August 11, 2010 03:08PM
Best i could do on the flag Fred:biggrin:

A liar will assume you are lying

Re: Here is the link and a picture of it David
Posted by: boneykid
Date: May 27, 2011 09:10PM
At one time I had a copper awl that was made in the Old Copper Culture by american indians. The awl came out of the northwest corner of Illinois. There were very thin raised ridges up and down the length of the tool. A fellow who had quite a collection of copper artifacts told me that the raised ridges were silver because silver naturally occurred in raw copper. Now, I suppose the copper came from the Great Lakes region. I don't know if copper would naturally occur with silver in it in other areas of North America.

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