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Re: Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Eric, and I could only
Posted by: bdahunter
Date: January 06, 2009 05:07PM
dream about living in Bermuda. I bet your mom had a great time too!Thanks for sharing your photos! :)

My Mom had a GREAT time in Bermuda, Sunny. It's her third time to visit the island but her first time with her husband. My step father and I didn't fight at all during the week they were down so I know that made her happy. (even if it required a lot of self control on my part:laugh:) I'm always happy to spend time with my Mom as the bond between us is very close.

Happy New Year Hon,


Steps get in the way sometimes, but to keep your mother happy
Posted by: Sunny
Date: January 06, 2009 07:42PM
and holding your tongue is the right thing to do. My mother was my best friend! Hard to believe she has been gone going on 9 years now! You keep loving her, and if at all possible keep holding your tongue. It makes you the better guy! :)

Re: A Trip to Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda
Posted by: Bayrat76
Date: January 07, 2009 12:53PM
That's were my ancestors are from Wales. Would love to see it someday. If you run into any Hughes while you are in Wales that are drinking you might keep an Eye on them, and say Hello for me.:beers: I Hope that the vacations goes great and you find a bunch of gold and goodies. May God Be With You For A Safe Trip.


I have never been to Bermuda but
Posted by: Royal
Date: January 10, 2009 02:29PM
have visited a bunch of the other islands. What beautiful country but I am not sure I could live on an island. It would be great for a while but I don't know how the natives stand it. That is if they don't have the funds to get off once in a while.

It is a great place to break up a winter for sure. I could use some time in the sun about now!!


:canadaflag:The Journey of the 3 Chucks
Posted by: bdahunter
Date: December 05, 2009 12:39PM
I am the third generation of my family that is a Builder, my grandfather built custom homes for the wealthy, my uncle built row housing and I build hotels. Our family name means Master Carpenter, in the same way that Smith really means Blacksmith - so we pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and taking pride in our craft. The worst condemnation you can level against a person in my family is 'that person is a lazy good for nothing', it goes beyond all other put downs, it indicates a lack of backbone and moral fiber; it is a condition that is

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Re: The Journey of the 3 Chucks
Posted by: Cupajo
Date: December 05, 2009 02:36PM
Alright bda,

I'm hooked so get on with it ASAP!!



PS Great Pics!!!

Great story so far Eric... I heve never been to Cabo... but I did spend time on the other side... had a ball... Really looking forward to part 2 :thumbup:N/T
Posted by: Mikie
Date: December 05, 2009 04:16PM

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Nice read BDA, I like the way you roll.
Posted by: George-CT
Date: December 05, 2009 06:59PM
We tend to go on impulse and have had some great trips that way. Spur of the moment and off we go. Planning never seems to work for us, life gets in the way. Before we had the kids we would go at the drop of a hat. But now with the animals, it does take at least organizing some one to take care of the horses and dogs. That's the only way you seem to be able to go thou if your a workaholic.
I would go between jobs, often finding out that morning that we were done that evening and call and have Jane book a flight to where ever. Working the hours if you got a week off, you still kept running but it was having fun. Seem normal to us and sure to you.

Nice looking places you stayed at. I like the old style buildings and out of the way places. I can pass thru the tourist traps, but don't stay any longer than need be to see the item. Look forward to reading the 3 chucks section. Often the x factors are the best part of any trip.


Interesting Eric..will be looking for the next part! :thumbup:N/T
Posted by: Ron J
Date: December 06, 2009 01:27PM

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Enjoying this Eric! ...........
Posted by: Wayne in BC
Date: December 06, 2009 03:47PM
thanks for a great start and waiting for the rest:biggrin:

:canadaflag:I dredged up this winter story from my archives
Posted by: bdahunter
Date: December 07, 2009 08:20AM
The First Snow - Part 1

I grew up in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One thing all of the kids looked forward to was the first big dump of snow, hopefully big enough that the schools would be closed but just a big snowfall would do. There's so much fun you can have as a kid when that first big snowfall hits. The snow is usually wet so you can build a snow fort and have snowball fights, make a snow man or snow angels; all of the stuff that makes being a kid - Great! Well the first snowfall in third grade hit just before Halloween and me and my best buddies Dougy Whittle and John Cox (never call him Johnny unless you want to fight) had a blast all day at school. We pelted our enemies with snowballs and whitewashed the girls we liked so they would like us. I don't think we learned a single thing in class that day, at least not that I can remember.
We couldn't wait until class let out so we could get our sleds and go sledding at Rock Hill. As soon as the bell rang we bolted for the cloak room (odd term because nobody wore a cloak that I knew, except for maybe the Art teacher Mrs. Farris but she was so wierd you could never tell), we grabbed our coats and mittens and were out the door before our teacher even had a chance to release us from the prison we called school. She called after us but we were already gone! Across the schoolyard we dashed and down the old King's Highway now called Kingston Rd., laughing and joking like the crazy school boys we were.
Snow for making snowballs was everywhere you turned and we pelted every sign on our trek home to get our sleds. Accuracy is everything when you're serious about snowball throwing and we aimed for letters or pictures on the sign and the kid who hit it was the hero of the moment. We made it about 4 blocks down Kingston Rd. when we heard the rumble of a city bus coming down the road behind us belching smoke and throwing waves of slush everytime it hit a puddle of slush along the curb. We turned in time to see it approach, throwing a soupy brown mix of salt and slop onto the sidewalk and we all dashed for cover. Dougy and I hid behind a mailbox but poor John was caught out in the open and got doused by the wave of ice-cold brown porridge. The bus passed and we turned to see our buddy covered in slop and cursing up a senseless blue streak that only a third grader can string together. Being his best friends we did the only thing a good friend could do in such a circumstance, we laughed our butts off till we could barely hold each other up; this did not help John's disposition.
"I'm going to get those bloody bus drivers" exclaimed John "the next bus that comes along is going to get one right in the windshield". "Yeah, yeah John, you don't have the guts" we taunted as we continued our walk home, John dripping slush and fuming all the way. We were almost at Clancy's Variety, our favorite candy stop, when we heard the rumble of another bus barrelling down Kingston Rd.. We had been counting our pennies to see how much we had between us and arguing over what we would buy together and suddenly John bolted for the snow bank and grabbed up a big handful of ice and snow.
"Come on, John" Dougy and I said in unison " You can't pelt the bus with that, we'll all get in trouble".
"Screw them!" said John defiantly "Look at me, that bus driver did it on purpose and I'm getting even!"
"Yeah, Sure" we mocked "Forget it, let's go into Clancy's and get some Jawbreakers".
"You go ahead" said John his eyes glaring at the oncoming bus "I'll be in, in a second".
Now there was no way we were going to miss this, we'd all thrown snowballs at the side of bus and then run like hell but an iceball to the windshield that was something you didn't want to miss. It's just not done, it went against the Geneva Convention on Snowballing; no iceballs and no windshields and absolutely never the two together.
Still, we wanted to see if our buddy John had the guts to do it! We all stood there in anticipation as the bus rumbled closer, a sense of tension was in the air; would John do it or just chicken out. As the big bus got to within 50 feet John dopped the iceball down to his side and Dougy and I relaxed, John was chickening out. Just as the bus was almost on top of us John leaned back and fired that iceball with all his strength right into the windshield of the bus. CRACK!! went the iceball against the windshield and then came the squeal of brakes as the bus slewed to the curb and slid to a stop.
WOW! John had actually done it! A mix of admiration and fear came over us, was John brave or just plain nuts?? We all stood there petrified in the moment and suddenly with a loud hiss the bus doors sprung open and out of the opening leapt the bus driver, young and wiry with carrot top hair and a face beat red with anger. As one voice the three of us yelled "RUN!!" and we turned and ran for our young lives back the way we had come from school.
Just before you get to Clancy's Variety is an arcade lane with a shoemaker and an appliance repair store and we all darted down the arcade in the hopes of eluding our pursuer in the field out behind the shops. This was not your typical, old, overweight bus driver, he was hot on our heels and he had longer legs as well; we had mortal terror on our side so it was almost an even match. Down the arcade we bolted with Dougy in the lead, me next and John in the rear (I think that John was so in shock at his act and it took him a little longer to hightail it when the bus driver had jumped out of the bus). We had almost made it to the field and relative safety when the bus driver overtook John and caught him by the hood of his snow jacket, hauling him up off his feet and down onto the pavement with a sick thud. John wailed at the impact with the cement and then the bus driver hauled him up with one hand and flung him against the brick wall, where he proceeded to smack John silly. Dougy and I turned back and pleaded with the bus driver from a distance to let John go before he killed him. I guess the rage that had taken hold of the bus driver had started to fade because he turned John around and gave him a swift kick in the pants that sent John tumbling down the stairs at the end of the arcade where he landed at our feet. The bus driver yelled at us for a bit and then stomped back up the arcade to his bus. Whew!, what a relief that guy was gone. Dougy and I helped John to his feet and help him wipe the blood off his face where the bus driver had smacked him around, a snotty hankerchief appeared from somewhere to wipe away the tears and the snot that was coming out of John's nose and soon we continued our trek home but not so happily anymore.
By the time we had covered the few more blocks home to my house and John had cleaned himself up in our bathroom and changed into a spare set of my clothes from his wet ones, our spirits began to brighten again. John had been pretty roughed up and it was agreed that he deserved it (but maybe not that much) and with the resilence of kids that age we grabbed our sleds and headed to Rock Hill.

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Boy.... you try that disciplining of a kid today, and the swat team will be all over you...
Posted by: Mikie
Date: December 07, 2009 08:04PM
Personally, I feel that few of these types of treatments to some of the kids will cure an awful lot of problems though.. :):

fair winds


"There's no present like the time"

"A dog is better than me, for she has love and does not judge"

"Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most; That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love... true love never dies. You remember that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. You see, a man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in"

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