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Re: Stories by George-CT ............
Posted by: TexasCharley
Date: August 30, 2009 06:53PM
Incidentally, Padre Island is now a 'national seashore.' It's the longest undeveloped line of coast in the US--over 200 miles of beautiful sandy beach. It has National Park status these days, so it's illegal to use a detector on the island. A lot of stuff is going un-found. I've found glass fishing-net floats all over the place, some broken, some not--& even an aluminum one. It was identified as Russian. There were Russian 'trawlers'--actually spy ships--off both the East & West coasts all during the cold war, but I never heard of any in the Gulf. There were, however, German U-boats in the Gulf all during WW II. One of them actually used its deck gun to shell a refinery at Port Arthur, but that didn't come out until after the war. The Coast Guard sank a U-boat off the Louisiana coast but they've found 2 sunken U-boats in the Gulf & nobody knows who sank the other one.

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