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Google Earth Lat & Long
Posted by: Pete4AU
Date: July 12, 2011 10:47PM
I'm sure this has been asked a bunch.
Putting a waypoint using Google Earth coordinates into my Garmin eTrex H, how close should I be able to get to that location in the real wold with perfect conditions?
Are there maps offering more accurate coordinates than GE?

Thank you for your time


Re: Google Earth Lat & Long
Posted by: NM5K
Date: July 30, 2011 03:30AM
Seems like I tried that a few months ago.. Maybe I'll have to try it again.
But when I did it, using where I'm sitting as the numbers, it was probably in
the 10 foot range as far as where I'm sitting, and what the map showed..
IE: I'm in a bedroom near the center of the house.. If I recall correctly, when
I moved the map pointer to match the numbers, it seemed to show more in the
kitchen, which is the next room over.. And I'd guess maybe 8-10 feet off.
Which is not really that bad all considering. My GPS itself can wander
around with maybe 5 feet of error, even in WAAS mode. And there could be
some error matching the maps to the coordinates. Overall, even 10 feet is not
bad, if it was something you were looking for, or trying to mark a location as a
way point to come back to.
Dunno how the various maps compare. You would have to run some tests, and
average the results. Naturally, you would want to get the best signal you could to
get the most accuracy for the GPS location. I don't get the greatest signal indoors,
so I might have better results if I went out in the backyard instead of in the house.
IE: I could stand on the back patio, which you can plainly see on GE. I can get
a good signal there, and easy to mark on the map.
When I did it, I was using my hand held Magellan Meridian. But I could also use
my Tom Tom car GPS. I think it can spit out the lat/lon if I go to that menu/page.
And it has an internal battery, so can be used as a hand held. I wouldn't be
surprised if the Meridian is the most accurate being WAAS capable. I don't
know if the Tom Tom is or not.. I don't think it is. I don't recall it showing a WAAS
bird on the sky map like the Meridian does.

Re: Google Earth Lat & Long
Posted by: Andrew Kalinowski
Date: September 10, 2011 08:04AM
Most of the time, for the areas with high resolution sat. photo coverage, I'm getting from GE better than five meters (yards) accuracy.

Andrew Kalinowski

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