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Problem maybe with my Magellan Explorist 110
Posted by: Smigo
Date: September 07, 2013 08:21AM
Hello everyone. I recently got an Explorist 110 and cant get to, or it doesn't work, any sense out of the compass feature in it. North will sometimes be actually pointing west, or south, then it will move slightly and stop but still not in the right direction. This happens even when it shows excellent sat coverage. To be honest it seems useless. All else works good except the compass. Im about to send it back but before I do I was wondering if there is anything I should do or if it is just a lame feature that others have seen as well with this unit?

Re: Problem maybe with my Magellan Explorist 110
Posted by: NM5K
Date: September 08, 2013 06:37PM
I'm not really familiar with that particular unit, but it sounds like it requires some movement
to get a true compass bearing. My old Magellan Meridian "yellow" is that way. They made a
later three axis version Meridian that does not require movement.
Anyway, with mine you need some steady movement, likely best in a straight line, and then
the true bearing should kick in.
This is my guess anyway.. It's likely OK, just a quirk of a "2 axis" compass feature. Like I say,
mine is the same way. But it's pretty accurate once moving.
See if the manual says anything about that.

edit.. BTW, it does not take a high speed for it to kick in. Walking speed is plenty, and maybe
even slower than that will work OK. Just as long as it's moving a bit. You don't have to be at
driving speed.. that would be useless in the woods. :angry:

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Re: Problem maybe with my Magellan Explorist 110
Posted by: Andrew Kalinowski
Date: September 13, 2013 10:59AM
NM5K is right.
Basically, Explorist 110 does not have a magnetic compass. Most low end GPS receivers do not have such and the compass rose that you see is only accurate while moving.
Some older higher end units have a build in 2 axes magnetic compass. These work while standing still but require the unit to be held perfectly level to get reasonable compass accuracy.
Newer receivers usually use a 3 axes compass and this allows the init to be tilted while still giving a good reading.


Andrew Kalinowski

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