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GPS battery life question
Posted by: hawgdawg
Date: August 29, 2017 09:36PM
I just recently bought a GPS unit from a member here. Got a great deal, no complaints with the transaction at all. This is only the 2nd handheld GPS I've owned. This newest one is an Explorists 310. It's got more functions than I really need, and my other one, is way smarter than I am. But my question here is , the battery life on these things just basically , suck. I put new batteries in the 310 , and turned it on to let it track my ride to work, checking mileage, route, speed , etc. I'm guessing in about 3 hours , the batteries were dead , wanting itself to power down because of low battery life. So if you're out for the day using this thing, and trying to use it for backtracking , or whatever , is this power consumption normal , do you really have to carry 2-3 extra sets of batteries for a full days usage. I tried to use my other one once out on my boat to track my route because I was out in the ICW, hitting all kinds of coves and marshes, and the battery life on that one was terrible as well. Is this normal ?

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