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Etrex Legend connection to computer question
Posted by: ralphiejc
Date: January 18, 2009 09:15PM
I have a Garmin Etrex Legend that came with a wire to connect the gps to the computer via RS232 .Not having that connection on my computer I borrowed an adaptor wire from a friend,RS232 to USB that was not purchased from Garmin.My map cd that came with the gps and a Garmin download from the internet does not `see`the gps connected to the computer using that set up.Can anyone tell me if the adaptor wire from Garmin has different pin connections than that of a generic one???My friend paid 15$ for his and Garmin wants 60$..!!Thanks for any help,Ralph

I'm in the same boat as you. Hope someone can help.N/T
Posted by: KurtB
Date: February 01, 2009 06:50AM

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Re: Etrex Legend connection to computer question
Posted by: jasper12
Date: February 01, 2009 06:36PM
Re: Etrex Legend connection to computer question
Posted by: KyBud(InezKy)
Date: February 02, 2009 11:22PM
The Etrex Legend hooks to the computer via a serial cable. I don't think it will hookup via usb. Its a trial and error thing . Go to your setup page in the legend, go to interface and make sure it is set on Garmin format. The computer won't reconize it in any other format except Garmin. I have a etrex legend and had to set it up like that to get the computer to find it. Hope this helps.
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maybe my best bet would be to hook up a serial port if it can be done!!!
Posted by: ralphiejc
Date: February 05, 2009 08:16PM
I bought the legend a few years before I replaced my computer and now I cant seem to use my map source cd`s much for upgradeing!!!Ralph

Re: maybe my best bet would be to hook up a serial port if it can be done!!!
Posted by: kd8hf
Date: March 03, 2009 11:28AM
Contact Garmin, the can talk you through it. Use their email address, but it takes a little longer.


Re: Etrex Legend connection to computer question
Posted by: SANDRAT
Date: March 06, 2009 10:26PM
OK. I just upgraded my Garmin Etrex Legend ( the BLUE one!) to software version 3.90 just this minute (18:30, March 6, 2009) , so I will try and help you guys out if I can...OK? NOW...I use Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on a Dell Desk top.<<<<<This is important! The program you use determines which down load you need!

First, if you plug all your GPS and serial and USB cables in, look at the date and clock at the bottom of the screen on your GPS unit and see if it updates. If it does, your cables are OK. (May take a few minutes) (I use the SERIAL cable that came with the Etrex and a USB to RS232 link up made by ITech, part number GUC232AWM) The serial RS232/USB cable should be industry standard and all the same, but who knows? Set the GPS to "SETUP" then to "INTERFACE", this is so you can see what is going on inside it. Then go on the "SYSTEM" and scroll to the "Software version" and see what is there. If it is 3.90, it is already updated. Should also have your unit ID number on there. Write this number down.

Next, go to and go to the "home" page. It helps at this time if your unit is registered and all that kind of stuff. Enter your unit model and serial number. I also registered my "Mapsource" topo maps and the version number etc. It also asks for the serial number of the map program. Now click on "support', then scroll down to "webupdate". Then click on the version of upgrade you want.

Ok. Now the tricky part...When you get to the part where it says "search for device" and you click on this and it says "no device found" don't despair! UNPLUG THE USB CABLE, then plug it back in! (That's all I did, and it took right off.) It should then download to your computer into a temp file, but upgrade that to a solid file, then feed it to your unit. Your GPS should have a grey screen that says "loader" in small letters, then "sofware loading" in small letters, and this should take about five minutes. When done, it will have the new software version number, write this down, and check to see the new stuff is in there.

Then, look at your computer program list for "GARMIN" and see if it leads to WEBUPDATE. If so you are all set to go.

If not, Well, I tried. Worked for me.

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