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A different spot
Posted by: dlh
Date: February 17, 2012 11:53AM
I have had this vision of finding some cool relics in an area of an old foundation with my Vaquero. After a handful of tries with being torn up by thorns and getting tangled in weeds I gave up and got pernission to do a yard not far from my house. I didnt have much time today so I just did the perimeter. Found nothing exciting as the photos show but better then my woods results. The item on the left appears to be lid from an older childs tea set. The clad quarter was found in the same hole as the 2 nails. I was impressed because I actually had the discrimination turned up a little high as not to dig much iron. Other than a bottle cap and some junk that was it. I am still trying very hard to learn the difference between good and bad targets.


Re: A different spot
Posted by: hatpin
Date: February 17, 2012 12:00PM
Keep trying, you will find some good places to go. Im gonna find out which properties the city owns that they are trying to sale for taxes and hunt those old yards.

Re: A different spot
Date: February 17, 2012 12:26PM
Check every target with AM/pinpoint. Sweep slow/fast near/far. Sweep at multiple angles and speeds to help define shape. Sweep high/ low to determine depth/mass.
Start calling your targets out loud, then dig and compare. Using this method has built up my accuracy and confidence immensely.
Bury some tabs and nickels in your test garden at different depths. Slowing down now will speed you up later.
The stock 9X8 is an excellent coil to learn on. The 5.75C is a completely different experience for me. I'm digging pop cans again when I use it. It actually hit on an unsmashed pop can from 2' away and parallel to the coil. Crazy sensitive to aluminum. You might notice how AM sounds a little more exited when sweeping aluminum.
Quite a bit of info packed into that AM hum.

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