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Andy, we are all going to have certain search coil preferences, so I'll share mine.
Posted by: Monte
Date: February 02, 2013 01:05AM
We need t start by selecting one or more detectors for our personal detector battery, then learn and master them, and then decide to hang onto them or part away wit them and get something that we might enjoy better.

Next, we need tot then determine the best type and size search coil we will most often used, and that is based on using a detector we like and can trust, as well as making sure we understand the ground environment we'll be hunting in.

In your case you mention only the Vaquero, then said you'll usually hunt in playgrounds, parks, churches and camp grounds and need a good search coil for that.

Okay, here are my opinions:

Metal Detector: I have owed 4 Vaqueros and, personally, they are not my favorite Tesoro model. They require you adjust out of a Discriminate to activate the Threshold-based All Metal mode. I don't like that as I prefer a simple mode-change option w/o altering my Discriminate setting. I do not like the low audio tone. I prefer a versatile model with a true zero-rejection Disc. mode, and although the Vaquero and Cibola are advertised as having an ED-180 Disc. circuitry, they do not adjust quite low enough to achieve that setting. In heavily littered iron nail infested sites, I found them to be a bit noisier than the former Tesoro Discriminators that I prefer.

That said, I have two friends who have a Vaquero in their detector arsenal and they like them for what they feel they need them for.

Search Coils: Personally, I have found very few Double-D (Wide-Scan) search coils that I like or care to use, regardless of the manufacturer. I prefer a decent Concentric search coil.

Further, I mainly hunt older sites that have building rubble and/or iron based trash and/or dense sage brush and other vegetation. To work those sites the best choice is usually a smaller-than-stock search coil. O the Bandido series or El Dorado

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Re: Coil for Vaquero
Posted by: tvr
Date: February 02, 2013 08:40AM
They require you adjust out of a Discriminate to activate the Threshold-based All Metal mode.

Could push the pinpoint button to activate the Threshold-based All Metal; but to lock it in you do need to come off the discrimination setting. I added a trigger switch when I modified my Cibola; it lets me pull the toggle to pinpoint (with a momentary contact on that side of the toggle switch) and push it to lock in the Threshold-based All Metal mode. I find that operation, with the toggle switch positioned like the trigger on the Tejon, to be more comfortable that pushing the pinpoint button on the front panel.

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