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Newbie introduction
Posted by: Electricfrontporch
Date: December 14, 2016 11:47AM
Hello. New guy here. Got hooked metal detecting with a $40 detector from harbor freight. Picked up a fisher f5 and found it a little overwhelming. Thanks to a friends recommendation I now have a Tesoro compadre with the small coil. As a sound engineer I really enjoy just listening. It makes it easier somehow. When I can list things for sale I intend to sell the f5 or maybe trade for a Tesoro with a couple more knobs than the compadre. Thanks for all the good info here. Noah

Re: Newbie introduction
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 14, 2016 01:53PM
Welcome to the Forum & the sport of Noah.------You have just joined the greatest hobby in the world---BAR NONE!-------Always cover those holes & leave the place where you detect looking as good as/or better than the way it was when you got there.-----Again, welcome aboard!--------------Del

Re: Newbie introduction
Posted by: jld66
Date: December 14, 2016 05:54PM
I really considered the F5 for my first detector. Then just happened to stumble on a tesoro vid on youtube by 53silver. Started looking into them and went with a vaquero instead. Honestly can say, glad I did. Something to be said for straight forward, no big thrills machines.

Re: Newbie introduction
Posted by: kozman4907
Date: December 14, 2016 08:11PM
can't go wrong with Tesoro. i love my vaquero. i love simple deep machines.

Re: Newbie introduction
Posted by: fltacoma
Date: December 14, 2016 08:52PM
Where are you going to go metal detecting? If you plan on buying another Tesoro (with more knobs) then it is a pretty simple process of deduction. In order of pricing:

Relic Hunting: Cibola, Outlaw (8" coil), Vaquero, Outlaw (3 coil pack), Tejon.

Saltwater Hunting: all relic machines above (on dry beach sand) Sand Shark (wet sand).

Fresh Water Hunting: (all Tesoro metal detectors' coils are submersible) Tiger Shark (for fully submersible treasure seeking).

Coinshooting: all Tesoro metal detectors except Tiger Shark and Sand Shark (those are more specialty machines) (common ones are Compadre, Silver Umax, Deleon (probably the best one) and Cortes, followed by the relic machines listed above.

Honestly, all Tesoro metal detectors can do the job, it is that some excel more than others for varying detector situations! Most common machines individuals buy are the Compadre, Cibola, Vaquero, Silver Umax, Deleon, and the newest detector to come out besides the Vaquero would be the Outlaw!

P.S. as you can see in my Signature Block, I do like Tesoro Metal Detectors!

What I have in the aresnal:

Tesoro Cibola w/ 9x8 coil
Tesoro Vaquero w/ 9x8 coil
Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax w/ 8" coil
Tesoro Silver Umax w/ 8" coil
Tesoro Compadre w/ 8" coil
Tesoro Compadre w/ 5.75" coil
Tesoro Bandido II Umax w/ 8" coil
Tesoro Deleon w/ 9x8 coil
Tesoro Cortes w/9x8 coil
Tesoro Outlaw w/ 3 coil pack

Future Additions:

Older Tesoro Models (If I can find them in MINT condition)

What can I say, I am a die hard Tesoro man :)

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