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Re: Tesoro Mojave Test Drive
Posted by: Welgund
Date: June 28, 2017 01:34PM
Mine pinpoints like all the rest of my Tesoros, dead on.

Re: Tesoro Mojave Test DriveN/T
Posted by: Whimpster
Date: December 03, 2017 06:58PM

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Nova Scotia, Canada
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Re: Tesoro Mojave Test Drive
Posted by: NCtoad
Date: December 03, 2017 07:32PM

Sven, did you happen to experience the falsing issue that others, including myself, seem to be experiencing? - Bill

Some when sens was turned up into the red zone, which I thought was normal chatter seeing this happens to other detectors I use when sens is jacked up.
I was hunting wet ground at first, didn't notice any falsing. That's why I was trying to figure out what you guys are talking about.
Then I have a question, anyone else notice any lag in pinpointing a target such as I posted?

During my two outings with the Mojave, I pretty much always used the preset sens. setting. Once in awhile, I would bump it up to 5, but not too often. The falsing would occur any time the detector experienced any kind of a bump. First thing I tried was lowering the sensitivity. When that didn't help, I checked to be sure that the battery was not loose in it's compartment. Also checked the coil connector to be sure that it was secure. Everything checked out to be a-okay. Finally, I decided to tap on the rod to see what would happen. When I did that, the falsing occurred. Every time I rapped on the rod, the detector would sound off. When I say "rap", I don't mean hit it hard. Just a little jostle like what would happen were the coil to hit a clump of grass or something while being swung. I baby my machines, and am never rough with them.

Never noticed any lag, but then again, I was more concerned about the falsing, and was concentrating more on that. I did however notice that junk targets seemed to pinpoint off center when changing my direction of approach by 90 degrees. My Sovereign did the same so I didn't really give it much thought.

Hadn't seen this thread until now, but I just sent my mojave in because it was very chatty. At first I thought it might be normal for this detector, but then I noticed if I wiggled the coil cable where it comes out of the coil it would false and that doesn't seem right to me. My other two detectors don't do that (fisher F70 and compadre). I didn't call Tesoro, just followed the directions for sending it back that's on their website. Hopefully it's a coil or cable problem and a new coil will fix it. Mine chattered the same whether the GB switch was on high or low.

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