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LST & 9x8 concentric
Posted by: Herb Jones
Date: May 08, 2017 12:54PM
ran a new combo today. the Lobo Super Traq coupled
with the 9x8 concentric that came stock on my vaquero...
nice rig... was nailing quarters @ 9". (got 4 @ +8")... nice rig....
looking forward to hooking the 5.75" concentric to it... in spite
of its weight... the LST may be my favorite tesoro. i run it and my T2
more than anything.

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Re: LST & 9x8 concentric
Posted by: Rick, N. MI
Date: May 08, 2017 06:32PM
I have the Tejon too and Lobo ST is now my favorite with the gb adjusted internal. I have the 8" coil too and use that most of time. My has the long cord on and I take the lobo out in the water to almost chest deep.


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