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Re: Best Tesoro detector for silver coins.
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: June 09, 2017 01:54PM
While I have never used another Tesoro MD, I do know what a great MD the DeLeon is. I would have the confidence in my Deleon to find silver, IF I am in the right location. Up to 7" the DeLeon is very accurate, by tone and visual numbers. Unbelievable how accurate this machine is, compared to some other MD I've used in the same price range.

I just can't understand why the mighty DeLeon is left out of the mix. Folks, this machine is a beast.

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Re: Best Tesoro detector for silver coins.
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: June 13, 2017 01:26AM
While I have never used another Tesoro MD, I do know what a great MD the DeLeon is. . . . . . . I just can't understand why the mighty DeLeon is left out of the mix. Folks, this machine is a beast.

Likely just a matter of have a TID vs the traditional Beep-n-Dig of most other Tesoro's.

Rich -

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Tesoro Detectors and Silver Coins ????
Posted by: Monte
Date: June 13, 2017 03:09PM
The Tejon is the only Tesoro that I have ever owned, so I have no idea as to how it stacks up against other Tesoro's for silver coin hunting.
My experienced opinion is that several other Tesoro models can do better on higher-conductive silver coins.

So is there any other models that would be better for that silver coin hunting?
Yes, and again this is from my experiences handing just about every Tesoro model made since the mid-'83 release of the Inca, and a few that came before it. Most Tesoro's, other than the Gold Nugget Hunting models, operated at 10 kHz, 12 kHz and one at 15 kHz prior to the Tejón and other 'HOT' series models. In my 52+ years of metal detecting I have found virtually countless coins, especially in those earlier years from '65 through the '70s when I could pull 60K to ±130K coins a year depending on if I was working overtime or not. Every available hour I could devote to detecting I did, and I lived in areas where there were a lot of people and many available public sites to hunt.

By about 1980 to '85 it was apparent the detecting hobby here in the USA had surged, and more-or-less started to peak, and with so many metal detecting clubs as well as a high percentage of hobbyists who were not active in any club, I could tell the popular-use sites were starting to show signs of running low of coinage. I had used many, many makes and models of detectors during that first twenty years I was enjoying this great sport ('65 to '85) but I was also enjoying a change in my day-to-day site selection as well. I still got in a lot of Coin & Jewelry Hunting in all the typical urban hunting sites, but I shifted to doing more Relic Hunting of older, more rural locations in mid-'83.

Silver coins made up a very good percentage of the dime, quarter and half-dollar recoveries I made in the latter '60s and during most of the '70s, but the more the popular places got worked, then smaller the silver take became. Still okay into the '80s but with each passing year of that decade it meant more determined effort to find new site to hunt, or patiently work the already thinning areas while being more attentive to some signals received.

During this period, using detectors that operated anywhere from about 1.75 kHz in the mid '70s on up to the VLF/TR-Disc. and early VLF-Disc. models that were up to 15 kHz, I was finding more desired targets, including silver coins, when working with detectors that were ± 2.5 kHz of an optimum "general purpose" or "all-around" 12.5 kHz operating frequency.

That would be models that worked anywhere from 10 kHz to 15 kHz, and Tesoro models made a nice fit in that range. It included the Inca, four in the Silver Saber series, four in the Bandido series, three in the Golden Sabre models (including Tesoro's only 15 kHz model, the Golden Sabre Plus) , and others such as the Royal Sabre, Pantera, Conquistadors, Eldorado's, and up to the more recent Compadre, Silver µMAX (microMAX) and others.

Today, the only Tesoro models I keep in my Regular-Use Detector Battery work at 10 kHz, 12 kHz or 14.5 kHz, all within that 10-15 kHz frequency range, and all equipped with a coil I feel best works for the sites I hunt. All of them are responsive to the broad-range of coin conductivities we have, from the lower-ready 5¢ piece to the higher-conductive $1 silver coin, and I have found more coins total, both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting, since July of 1983 using Tesoro's in this frequency range ... most operating at 10 kHz or 12 kHz.

I guess I am like a lot of you out there I like to try different detectors.
I enjoying trying to learn the strengths and weaknesses of different make s and models, and have since I got into this great outdoor sport. Putting in as much time afield as I have, and do, helped me settle on my preferred target ID models as well as sort out my favorite non-display Tesoro's that I rely on.

My best setup for the Tejon is with the 5.75" concentric coil because of the amount of trash I am hunting in. I also have the 11x8 WS that I just got a few weeks ago and it seems like a good coil, but I haven't had a lot of hunt time with it yet.
I keep a thin-profile 6" Concentric on my Vaquero, Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX, a 7" Concentric stock coil; on my Mojave, and the Bandido currently has the stock 8" coil mounted. I do have the 8X11 RSD DD coil on a spare lower rod for a quick-change onto my Vaquero for the few times I want it for more open area searches.

I can pick up plenty of clad coins with just about any detector I have and that is fun from time to time but I really seem like I am always looking for silver coins.

Ron in WV
Yes, and I am out the door in 5 minutes to do just that ... Hope for silver coins. Heading for a site used more in the '30s and '40s and into the early '50s that produces a few modern coins but has kicked out Wheaties, Buffalo's and occasional silver, mainly Merc's. On this journey I am only taking my Nokta Impact for TID work, and my Vaquero and very trusty Bandido II µMAX.


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Re: Best Tesoro detector for silver coins.
Posted by: Gannon
Date: June 13, 2017 09:14PM
Very informative write up Monte!

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