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Short hunt with the Mojave...First impessions
Posted by: REVIER
Date: May 15, 2017 01:07PM
Just a short one, got lots to do today so a longer hunt at another time.
Just a little jaunt in some curb strips near my house.

Compared to my Compadre....sense was maxed throughout.

Sound...Ken says not quite as sharp, I agree, frequency is about the same but it is like more bass was added in and some treble taken out but not a big deal.
Over good targets it was crisp enough.

Hi-Low switch....didn't seem to affect much, the lawns here are still mineralized but black dirt mostly, the real red stuff I will head to on my next outing.
Bobbing the coil it seemed quiet both ways.

Disc...very similar to the Compadre but missing the same marks on the dial.
Wish they were there, this color palette seems a little kindergardeny but it seems to disc out in the same areas and me and my talented thumb know those areas well without even looking much so again...I will deal.

Appears my thumb up, thumb down method and listen to how solid targets come in still works, the coins came in mostly without noise so, great.
Not quite as sharp on the disc on zincolns as my Compadre.
One disced out with the knob maxed and with just a hair's twist to the left it came in super solid with no noise but a bit higher than my Compadre which will disc these out at 3:00 99.9% of the time.
Very similar to an 8" coil Compadre I tried for two weeks when the came out, a little more sloppy than I am used to...on those zincolns anyway.
Not thrilled with this but again...I will learn to live with it.
Might be the new coil causing this, different electronics maybe or whatever.

Pinpointing....right on and easy, I looked at the epsilon mark while listening for the beep and the target was there every time.
The coil does seem to have the wires out further to the edge than my old 7" coil which didn't seem to have that.
I always suspected the old 7" coil was really a 5.75" coil in a bigger body.
This might help with a bit more depth around here but we will see.

Depth...not bad but nothing was deep on this run.
The nickel and dime were the deepest at about 3-4", my Compadre can hit that even in the bad stuff so a better test for this later.

Noise factor...nothing, but the next place I go will have power lines on three sides, red clay and tons of trash and iron with very few good targets left so a good test of that mineralization switch, depth, separation and everything else.

One cool copper cent I dug was in the same small hole as this rusted screw and the signal was a definite dig me solid one so...yay!

On the other hand some rusty iron did not disc out but not the best sounding, sharpest signal on that one so I can adapt.

I didn't really need this one but I was curious to see if it can handle the bad stuff here a little better, hopefully get a little deeper.
Even an extra inch over the Compadre would be huge but who knows, it might do even better than that...or not.
I will take it out on some upcoming hunts and probably bring along the Compadre eventually to compare signals.
Plus, I hear it still does the double beep thing next to big metal but I have yet to see this for myself.

Otherwise I love the color and the looks, operation is like a Tesoro should be and I am 21¢ closer to paying this thing off than yesterday.
I hope we will become good friends.

"What if doing the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?”
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Re: Short hunt with the Mojave...First impessions
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: May 15, 2017 01:13PM
Good stuff!!!
Mild soil compadre is still great!!
But that ground switch comes in handy for tougher dirt.
Also having the sensitivity knob comes in handy.
Nice write-up and happy hunting!!!

Stefan (Michigan)

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Re: Short hunt with the Mojave...First impessions
Posted by: ken ward
Date: May 15, 2017 03:23PM
I like your little test Revier.

I have done a few test in tot lots with the post. I can get very close. I go straight into the post slowly, and listen for that double beep. I have only got one time with a double beep. It was a RING Off a pull tab.

I also do the thumbing.. I will also raise the coil to get an idea of depth. If the beep is softer, you know it is deeper. You bring the coil up and it is going. You know it is deeper.

My soil is very mild. Sometimes If I get a soft beep, I will flip the ground switch to high. For my soil, it does not make any difference.

I have gotten in to a few places where I was getting funny beeps. I flipped the switch to high and is run smooth.

Like I said before, I just do not like the softer beep compared to the compadre.. I might call Rusty to see if that can be changed to the higher pitch.

Thak care and have fun... KEN

My Detectors : Whites Surfmaster 2,,2 Tesoro Compadre,1 Detector Pro Pirate Pro 1 Silver uMaz, 1 Fisher 1266x

Re: Short hunt with the Mojave...First impessions
Posted by: Coin Rescue Inc
Date: May 15, 2017 04:08PM
Nice post.

My first and second time out I was picking up what I consider a lot of old ring pull tabs.
The depth I would say was at least 6" on some pull tabs.
Also two shotgun shell lower brass cases.
This from a wooded city park that has not had in ages.
So I hope to some gold rings in my future soon.
Best coin I found was a war nickel.
I have not had a pin point problem so I am pleased with that.


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