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Head Phones
Posted by: Nomad NJ
Date: June 23, 2017 07:33PM
For my Vaq which are better Grey Ghost Ultimate or Killer B Wasp. I now have the Grey Ghost Original.

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Re: Head Phones
Posted by: pinenut
Date: June 23, 2017 07:45PM
Save your momey and use the Gray Ghosts you have.

one more wheatie..

Re: Head Phones
Posted by: Nomad NJ
Date: June 23, 2017 07:50PM
Thanks for your opinion.

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Posted by: Monte
Date: June 23, 2017 09:36PM
And I have been very selective through the many years of detecting and headphone options that come along.

Let me add one more model for your consideration then I'll answer your question.

You have the Grey Ghost Original, and they are very good headphones. You asked about the Grey Ghost Ultimate. You also asked about the Killer B 'Wasp' and those used to be the headphones I favored. Now let me add one more consideration, the Killer B 'Hornet.'

First, your headphones and the other three models listed all use 150 Ohm impedance speakers, which I like.

Second, the Grey Ghost, Grey Ghost Ultimate and Killer B 'Wasp' all use, if I am not mistaken, the same/similar size, shape and style hear cup. I found those to become uncomfortable after a longer period of detecting, and also let in too much wind noise when I was searching a windy beach or other location and had to deal with high winds or nearby traffic noise

I made the switch to the Killer B 'Hornet' because they provided me the same speaker type and adjustments as the 'Wasp,' but they are in the 'tank' style ear cups. Those don't press on my ears uncomfortably, but cover the ear. That is not just comfortable but it blocks out wind and other outside disturbances.

Third, the Grey Ghost design utilizes a single Volume Control knob to adjust for both ears. I am deaf, according to the military and those who get annoyed when I keep asking "What?", and to add to my aging deafness I fell off a ladder seven years ago yesterday and ruptured my right ear drum. It healed, in time, but with scar tissue on the ear canal and ear drum so that makes listening an even greater chore. It also means my hearing in each ear is different, and there are a lot of people like that, so it is better, for me and many others, to have separate Volume Controls on each ear cup to adjust for each ear.

Both the Killer B 'Wasp' and killer B 'Hornet' models have separate ear cup controls. So, my personal pick would be the Killer B's, especially the "Hornet' style. I'm trying to trade an as new detector and get a couple of sets of 'Hornet' headphones as a partial trade. That way I can keep one set in each vehicle and one in my back-up accessory tote.


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Re: Head Phones
Posted by: Nomad NJ
Date: June 24, 2017 06:41AM
Thanks for your input. I am replacing a cheaper head phone for my grandson to use when we detect together.

Re: Head Phones
Posted by: amberjack
Date: June 24, 2017 08:02AM
not sure what new Grey Ghost headphones are using speaker wise they have a new owners ? but the audiosears speakers used in killer 'B's are what your older Grey Ghost headphones would have in them they are also used in pro golds, and for a good reason they work :biggrin: they are telephony elements so have very little bass.

people have different tastes like I made a set of headphones with some 600 ohm speakers and they sound crap on minelab low tones but the high tones just pop so I use them for silver hunting .. and others for all tones....have too many sets of headphones laying around with differing speakers in them and if your using a Tesoro pretty hard to go past the audiosears speakers (killer 'B' s ) about the cheapest option retail and use the better fitting muffs for most heads in the pro ears muffs (shooters muffs)

set I slapped together for the F19 pro ear muffs and audiosears speakers ..

or some pink ones made for the Deus if I am having a blue day :shrug:


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