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rechargeable batteries for Tejon
Posted by: Biloxi Dirt Detective
Date: July 01, 2017 12:33PM
What seems to be the best rechargeable batteries for the Tesoro Tejon. Please include MAH rating.

Re: rechargeable batteries for Tejon
Posted by: Happy_Hour
Date: July 01, 2017 04:29PM
I use these with all my detectors and would never switch.................

Re: rechargeable batteries for Tejon
Posted by: bigjon
Date: July 01, 2017 06:07PM
i have a set of eneloops for my tejon at full charge it makes only 3 beeps,now i dont even use them because you need at least 6 beeps.if you find some rechargable that will make it have at least 6 beeps let me know because ill buy some.really the eneloops wont charge high enough for the tejon,but are fine for other detectors hope that this helps.

Re: rechargeable batteries for Tejon
Posted by: Mega
Date: July 01, 2017 07:39PM
I have a UK version of the Vaquero rather than use the one 9v battery it came with the Tejon battery box to provide the extra power which is of course 8x.1.5v=12v but by using 'rechargeable batteries' which makes 8x1.2v=9.6v so you straight away have a reduced battery power,i prefer to use Energizer alkaline batteries and they just keep going and going.

The Tejon may still work with 9.6v but for me i dont want too 'penny pinch' on taking a chance with possible reduced performance.

Some of my detectors namely the Nexus machines those can run on 'rechargeable batteries' as when you run those detectors on full power they can exhaust a set of batteries in no time,but thay also have a onboard battery charger as well.I can top them up during the day if need be with a in car inverter but as yet not had too do this.

Deus and Nexus MP main everyday detectors

Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

Just some of my site specific use machines.
TDI Pro 20'' Mono
Nexus SE dual 9'' coil
Nexus MP 14x13
Fisher TW-5 twin box
Crossbow PI 14x9 Mono
Mirage PI 5'' Mono
DFX 18'' Detech
T2 SEF15x12
IDX Pro 15'' Concentric
B1 and B3
Trident11 Extreme NEL Snake

Mainly hunt deep ploughed and pasture sites,trashy roman/saxon and celtic permissions.

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