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Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity
Posted by: Miser67
Date: August 02, 2017 02:50PM
Has anyone compared the sensitivity of the two units?

Does the Compadre still reign supreme or is it matched by the Mojave?

I am thinking about the Compadre with the 5.75" coil against the standard 7" coil on the Mojave.

As always, any post I make here is solely my opinion based on my own experience and knowledge. Feel free to disagree.

Re: Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity
Posted by: slingshot
Date: August 02, 2017 03:49PM
All reports say the Mojave is more sensitive.

Re: Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity
Posted by: wheatymike
Date: August 02, 2017 03:53PM
If the Mojave had a threshold all metal switch I would be buying one.

Re: Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity
Posted by: clad king
Date: August 02, 2017 05:35PM
i have the mojave and the compadre with the 8 inch coil, the mojave is deeper, hope this helps. clad king

Re: Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity
Posted by: REVIER
Date: August 02, 2017 06:33PM
I wrote up a kind of review after using my Mojave for several weeks and that was after using a Compadre for several years.
The only thing I have not done with it yet is pick up any targets near big iron like tot lot equipment yet because I don't have many around me any more with chips.
I have hunted near a few fence posts but just never came across any targets near far.
I have been assured by other hunters the Mojave will double beep and pick targets up just as easily as the Compadre can and is every bit as good at this task.

Otherwise I have found the target separation to be superb, the sensitivity just as good if not better than the Compadre, picks small items and chains extremely well and it gets several inches deeper.
In great soil I used to hunt in back in Kansas they might have performed a lot closer to each other with the Mojave having the edge on depth, I assume, but here in my SE. Mineralized soil with a huge amount of iron infestation I can tell you my Mojave works way better than my Compadre ever did here.
I was hoping for just a bit better performance but it seems I ended up with way more than i thought possible...and I am still discovering what it can do.
It was a gamble even thinking about getting the Mojave since I had a Compadre and a Vaq but it paid off big time for me in my devil dirt.

Here is that review...

Had mine about 2 months now and have been on several hunts.
Most areas I hunted have been in parks I have scoured over and over from several directions in both dry and wet conditions with several detectors and coils including the Compadre in most of them.
Some of these targets I might have never got a coil over before but over 90% of them I can assure you I have, these include some small areas in parks and a couple of very small lawns.
All areas have mineralized dirt both red clay and black soil but even the black stuff here GB's in the mid 60's on my Fisher...all areas are infested with old rusty iron pieces from small nails and screws up to much larger junk.

I have yet had a need to flip the switch to high mineralization yet, I have had some chatter due to EMI in a couple of sites but turning down the gain made it quiet.
About that gain...
I started out with this thing maxed and it worked fine but it picked up iron deep that came in high and solid and I had some issues with IDing a few targets like crown caps which did not disc out and came in solid.
Using another hunter's advice I turned the gain to 5, then to the 4 preset area and the disc got sharper and more accurate.
Recently on my last two hunts I turned the thing down to the 1-2 area and the disc got sharper still...the best thing about that is here, in my dirt, I don't seem to be losing much depth at all...if any.
My Compadre struggled here to get much past 3" in the bad stuff, my Vaq was more powerful and a bit deeper but the intense iron I deal with was a problem even using 3 different coils both a big DD and 2 concentrics.
The Mojave seems to be a delightful combination of the two with deeper depth than the Compadre but with a greater ability to pick through and find targets surrounded by and even next to or touching rusty iron.
At the very least targeting severely masked coins is easier in my situation and at a little deeper levels than using either...and I have many hundreds of hours experience using both in this environment.

One thing I discovered is now that I am getting a little deeper just like my Fisher the Mojave up-averages all targets past 3" here...coins, trash, all of it.
This is something I didn't notice much at all with either the Compadre or the Vaq but I sure notice it now.
Deeper nickels are coming in at tabs, tabs are coming in around zinc or even higher but as long as I know this I can deal with it easily.
Using my thumb up past the target fade out point then down to the area where they come in most targets seem to be behaving the same as I seemed to see on my other Tesoros...good targets usually come in solid and clean where most trash is usually a bit more noisy.
This is fine, if targets come in higher than normal when deeper I can deal with that easily as long as they behave correctly within observed parameters using my hunting methods.

I would have been happy to get just one more inch depth past my Compadre down to 4" but I am pleased to report that the Mojave is going way past that mark to the 5-6" level on coins consistently...and 4-6" is where I need to be to find a lot of great masked targets in heavily hunted sites that have been missed for decades around here.
It is possible that I might be able to hit non ferrous targets even deeper down to the 7-8" area, a place where I have dug a few great keepers with my F70 but those are rare, if I can get to 6" there is a ton of hidden gems hanging out in this devil dirt and I am thrilled to be able to just do that.
Maybe one day I can get past that too but like I said that depth is rare to hold decent targets around here.
The good thing about this red clay is even super old targets don't sink that far, the bad thing is the mineralization masks everything that is not shallow and add in the extra iron I have even more masking problems.
The Mojave seems to handle it all extremely well so far, much better than I hoped or dreamed when I took a chance and got this one.
In the great soil in Kansas this one and the Compadre might have been much more closer in performance but here the Mojave is superior and also easier and less frustrating to use than my Vaquero.
I traded away the Vaq to get this one because as much fun as I had in the past using it, and in great Kansas dirt it was fantastic, here things are different now so it went to a guy that hunts in way better dirt in Missouri so I consider this a definite win-win trade and I don't think I will ever regret this decision.
Honestly I don't know if I will be pulling out the Compadre much anymore, either.
I might keep it around for guest use or maybe sell it one day but right now I am down to using one Tesoro for my hunts and it seems to be the exact one I need for my situation.

Here are some of the highlights of my hunts, I have gathered a lot of clad in most areas I believed I cleaned up well but I was shocked when so many more coins showed up most of these were pleasant surprises.

The first short hunt in my neighborhood I found coins in some curb strips but also this coin sitting right next to this rusty screw.

Within the first full hour I used it I found a masked merc in a small area I guarantee I have hunted in the past along with a friend of mine that uses an E Trac plus whoever else has hunted here for many decades.

These were just common coins but I found them deeper than I ever have before with my Tesoros and again in areas I had hunted in the past.

This was my first decent piece of jewelry, a silver bracelet marked 950 so foreign.
Made from nothing but tiny silver rings, the very thing that confuses most
detectors, it was solid and loud and I can't believe I missed it in the past.

Here is the second target I dug in a brand new permission in the lawn of a house on my block.

This 1912 large One Penny coin was found in another lawn I hunted a lot and missed it time and time again.
In the hole with it was this large rusted nail that was either right next to it or it could have been touching it.
Not the most perfect signal but good enough so I went after it.

On my last few hunts I have had the gain down low to between 1-2 as I mentioned.
Signals seem to be extra sharp with the gain that low.
I am still finding coins at 4"+ even that low and then I dug this iron thing up from the 8" depth level with that gain on 1.
I believe this might make it a pretty decent relic hunter.

Even on the lowest gain setting I am getting deeper than my Compadre and am matching, and even beating what i was able to do with my Vaquero here.
Don't ask me how or why this is possible but it actually seems to be true.

So those are my impressions and highlights of my hunts.
I don't believe this is just a Compadre on steroids as some have proposed, it seems to be a little more than that.
We are already good buddies, I look forward to a long fruitful partnership for many seasons to come.

"What if doing the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?”
F70, F2, Compadre, Mojave, Judge2 - 2018....Mostly just some clad so far...more to come!

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