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Re: Thoughts on the Mojave vs the Vaquero or Outlaw?
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: September 08, 2017 12:09AM
Master Habanero, of the three you mentioned, Vaquero will always have the edge on depth. However, of those three, my favorite in trashy spots is the Outlaw, followed by the Mojave. The reason for my choice of that order is due to their excellent discrimination. Outlaw uses the "ED120" discrimination, which eliminates small iron right from the get-go. With Outlaw, bottle caps will either be silent or just click before nickels disc out. Mojave has the full "ED180" disc range, but Tesoro did things a little differently with it, than with their other ED180 detectors... They actually made the discrimination work better than before. Discrimination is on par with that of the Outlaw, only it'll still pick up tiny iron, too. I really like Mojave, but I still think Outlaw is more versatile. I like using Vaquero too, and as I mentioned, it's better on depth. It does not discriminate quite as well as either Otlaw or Mojave though, and unless you get the high-tone version of Vaquero, it doesn't sound as good to me as the other two. I own and use all three detectors, and my choice (of those) for trashy areas is still the Outlaw..but Mojave is a close second, and it costs less too.

Excellent information there pinenut, thanks for that.

Rich (Utah)

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Re: Thoughts on the Mojave vs the Vaquero or Outlaw?
Posted by: Nomad NJ
Date: September 08, 2017 05:43PM
I have a Vaq and use the 5.75 & 11x8 coil and for me both coils are better than the 9x8 coil.

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