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Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: hikerboy
Date: August 31, 2017 05:07PM
Headed to the beach in a few weeks and thought I'd try to find a few coins or some jewelry while there. How does the Cibola do in dry and wet sand. I know I'll have to turn the disc up and sensitivity down. Primarily a relic hunter so I could take the T2 if the Cibola won't perform well. Thanks for any info or tips.

Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: Electricfrontporch
Date: August 31, 2017 11:55PM
Dry sand will be fine.
Wet sand you will have to experiment with settings.
As in reduce sensitivity and increase disc.
A very steady sweep speed also helps.
All depends on the mineralization.

If you have a smaller coil like the 5.75 it will help.
It sees less ground so to speak and won't be as prone to falsing.
Tested both coil sizes on the compadre with a friend at the beach.
The smaller coil didn't need the disc as high to run smooth.


Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: tvr
Date: September 01, 2017 04:12PM
As noted above, Cibola will work fine over dry sand. Over the wet salt sand the best I've gotten with a Cibola on coins is about 3 inches (at best) by playing with disc and sensitivity.

The T2 may be what you want to take. It will ground balance to the wet salt. I've got an F75-LTD and have gotten very good depth over the wet salt beach by running all metal mode and staying on top of the ground balance. Over the wet salt, if T2 tracks the ground balance settings of the F75, it will take a setting in the single digits to ground balance. Single clicks on the ground balance can make a difference, let alone full number changes.

You could take both detectors and play around with settings.

Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: hikerboy
Date: September 01, 2017 05:32PM
Hey, thanks for the info guys. I'll probably take them both and do some experimenting. Never really tried the beach before so maybe I'll have some beginner's luck. The girlfriend is already making fun of me asking if I'm going to wear kaki shorts and black socks. Maybe I will.

Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: September 14, 2017 10:45PM
Black socks and shorts is the only way to fly!!!

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Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: hikerboy
Date: September 18, 2017 06:16PM
Haha! That's right!

Re: Cibola on the beach?
Posted by: Daddy
Date: September 18, 2017 07:09PM
Don't forget your sock suspenders! :clapping:

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