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Tejon question
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: January 03, 2018 10:20AM
I was reading on Gary's site that there are two versions of the Tejon. The American verision and a UK version called the Tejon Pro. The Pro version supossedly has a better iron disc range.

My the current models sold in the states have this enhanced iron discrimination range?


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Re: Tejon question
Posted by: REVIER
Date: January 03, 2018 04:47PM
That is a Tejon with a modification to a couple of things including the disc by a company in England called Pentechnic.

Evidently the disc was not exactly optimum between iron and foil for the English guys since lots of their small targets are foil area targets.

A review from Gary's Detecting...

Bad points
The discrimination is far to close at the lower end of the scale between iron and foil...great for you American guys who have no wish to dig foil.
Here in the UK the foil rejection point is where some of our best finds are made....Disc now sorted thanks to Pentechnics latest modification.

The fix...

Tesoro Tejon PRO Upgrade
Pentechnic can now offer a PRO upgrade for the TEJON.
Not everyone can get on with multi-turn ground controls.
There can be occasions when a user may find it difficult to adjust this control,
or maybe you just want to switch on and start searching immediately.
This upgrade will give you the choice.
Fixed for ease of use...or...Adjustable for maximum performance.
Earlier models can also benefit from important changes to the discrimination system.
These changes make the Tejon an ideal choice for farmland searching,
especially if you are looking for small coins/hammered on iron/junk infested sites.

Sounds like this is just an adjustment to the disc range internally to me, from what I can take from this the newer Tejons sent over there are now being adjusted to these new parameters in the factory here.

Messing with the disc can really screw up a detector but someone with skills can probably do it easily.
Who knows, if you really want one set up this way Tesoro might do it for you if you ask them if you order a new one.

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Re: Tejon question
Posted by: Mega
Date: January 03, 2018 10:52PM
Although i dont own or use a Tejon i do use a similar machine that is been modified from new from Pentechnics,this is based on the Vaquero but modified more for the UK,my machine is called a 'Laser Trident11 Extreme' which is based on the Vaquero,but runs @18.5khz if i recall,alot of our small hammered silver coinage including cut halves and quarters run into the foil range,the silver content can vary by a fair amount depending on how much silver was available i guess at the time,so with so many variables its alot harder than a set standard silver content.If we eliminate foil we will also eliminate these desirable targets as well.

The Trident11 Extreme also has the high tone modification and also other mods as well,but of course these are not disclosed as its the companies secret i guess and they want too protect these,but mine has the Tejon battery box at the top of the stem behind the armcup rather than the single 9v battery in the normal position.I think its a lot sharper in its response especially on small targets,but i must admit i am not a fan on the 11x8 coil that comes with the machine,i currently use the NEL Snake 6.5x3.5'' which i find is a deadly combination on trashy roman/saxon sites which can be littered with general nail and everyday trash that has accumulated over the 1000s of years.

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Re: Tejon question
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: January 04, 2018 04:42PM
Thanks everyone.

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