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Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: umax
Date: February 03, 2018 01:17PM
Long time user of the Tejon and I used the Vaquero for a couple days. I see no difference in the operation of the Vaquero vs Tejon. You long time users of the Vaquero, what am I missing using the Vaquero.

Re: Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: Carlos (CA)
Date: February 03, 2018 11:41PM
I dig less aluminum with the Vaquero... but perhaps maybe it's just incidental..... anyone?

Had 3 Tejon's .. :unsure: .. Had 4 Vaquero's ... Had to make a decision.
Posted by: Monte
Date: February 04, 2018 03:42AM
It was easy for me, and my 'black' Vaquero is at-the-ready w/6" Concentric mounted for the bulk if my needs, and the 8X11 RSD DD is on a spare lower rod in my accessory coil tote should it be called into service.

The one feature I like best on the Tejón is the variable Tone control. That's it. I compared all three of the Tejón's I had against all of my other Tesoro models, and some competitor's devices, and did side-by-side evaluation using different search coils. In some tough ground mineral challenges most other Tesoro models in my arsenal would match or exceed the detection depth and ability of the Tejón unit using the same size and type search coil. I see absolutely no practical use for the dual Discrimination design. Oh, there is one other thing I did like about the Tejón, and that is the use of AA alkaline batteries. They cost less than 9V batteries, and all my non-Tesoro detectors rely on Double-A batteries.

The Vaquero's I had before worked fine but I was relying on my other manual GB Tesoro's to handle my needs. The problem was the low-tone audio. In late 2016 I got another Vaquero as I was thinning down some of my detectors, and January of last year I sent it off to Tesoro for the High-Tone modification. Now I am really enjoying my Vaquero as it is simple, uses an uncluttered control set, and has all the adjustment functions anyone might need. I compared it with my friend's Tejón and different search coils and we both agreed. The Vaquero had a bit of an 'edge' in responsiveness on a broad range of conductive smaller targets.

I am not saying the Tejón doesn't work, just that for me and the types of sites I prefer to hunt, the Vaquero works as well or better. Do some side-by-side testing with both, using the same coils and settings, and see what you think.

I made MY decision. YOUR decision might vary.


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Re: Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: Mega
Date: February 04, 2018 04:14AM
I have used a Tejon for a few months albeit i never owned it,but i do own a UK version of the Vaquero,and although initially i had a 'love/hate' relationship with it,its finally grown on me and its a rather good detector albeit it will never be my everyday use machine as that crown still belong to my Deus and T2,but all changed when i took the 11x8 coil of the Vaquero and i mainly use the NEL Snake coil on it or Shrew i think they are called across the pond.

Mine has been breathed upon by the UK main Tesoro service agent from brand new and has the Tejon battery box at the top of the stem ie 8x1.5v =12v conversion,high tone mod and the most important 2 modifications are the 18.5khz ideal for our small hammered silver coins and also it comes with the manual/fixed GB option and a few other tweaks inside as well.All these in my mind and for my site scenarios has really changed my opinion of this detector especially since i changed the coil over to the smaller option.It has all just come together as a great all round lightweight package and is getting used more and more from the initial stuck in the cupboard mode like when i bought in brand new maybe 2 years back.

The Tejon was ok and they do have a following but for me the Vaquero is my choice out of the 2,because of the small NEL Snake coil 6.5x3.5 is terrific on really trashy roman sites or infact any site that habitation has occurred,also another use will be when the crops come off and the stubble is still stiff it will get in between the rows as a sturdy stubble buster,that always has be a major problem time for us mainly August/September when all the crops come off at the same time.

So the bottom line is the Vaquero gets my vot,albeit i dont think i would have said the same thing 12 months back after using the 11x8 coil,that coils works for most folks but for my use it did the reverse.

Re: Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: spellman
Date: February 06, 2018 07:55PM
I own both right now but the tejon I rarely use i should actually sell it cause the vaquero is pretty much my go to detector, the tejon is a deep beast but with all that extra power it is much more work to get it to run good and you have to constantly adjust the gb cause it is very sensitive to ground conditions, i use the tejon when i need to go super deep. Like at the beach. Ive had it for about 3 years and ive probably only used it about 10 times. The vaquero i used almost every time i hunt. That or my compadre with the clean sweep coil. I find a lot of gold with those 2 machines.

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Re: Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: RicS
Date: February 28, 2018 08:38PM
Long time user of the Tejon and I used the Vaquero for a couple days. I see no difference in the operation of the Vaquero vs Tejon. You long time users of the Vaquero, what am I missing using the Vaquero.

A little difference in 'operation'.. freq/dual disc/variable tone.....but in depth, I haven't seen a real difference. The simplicity of the Vaq makes it extremely easy and comfortable to use. . .and it's deep! I had the tone on my Vaq reset to high by Tesoro, and have a preference for using it on almost all excursions. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Tejon as well. . .. .it's just not currently my go to machine.

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Re: Tejon And Vaquero
Posted by: John (Ma)
Date: April 23, 2018 10:09PM
I had both and sold the"V". The dual disc, tone control and the sheer ability of the Tejon was much greater once I lerned it.

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