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Need a good comparison!!
Date: October 22, 2003 04:09PM
If possible,I would like to know the differences between the DeLeorn and the Tejon.Good/bad or so so.How you really feel about them??I use a Minelab explorer XS and would like to get one of the two as a backup and also just for a change of pace.Minelab is kind of heavy. Thanks Bob

To better answer you it would help to know your intended use(s).
Date: October 23, 2003 12:06AM
If having TID is very important, then that narrows the decision down.
However, since the Explorer can do what it does in the way of accurate Target ID, I would suggest the Tej

How do I feel about them? Here's how.
Scott Buckner
Date: October 23, 2003 04:18AM
You asked, so I'm answering just on the general basics. Not only would this be an apples to ranges compaison, but it would probably amount to a bushel of apples vs. a bushel of iranges comparison.
First of all, you're asking for comparisons between two detectors that are vastly different in features and, some might say, function.
The DeLeon is a metered detector. The Tejon is not. That right there tosses a LOT -- and some would say ALL -- of any sort of basic comparison between those two detectors right out the window just on basic principles. In fact, so much so that, to some, this would close the case, end of story. So comparison lesson #1: Never try to compare a meterd detector and a non-metered detector.
Likewise, the DeLeon has some basic features that the Tejon doesn't have, and the Tejon has some basic features the DeLeon doesn't have. Yet another reason why some among us (including me) would toss out any comparison between the two just on basic, general principles.
Otherwise, it all comes down to one thing: Do you want a metered detector or an unmetered detector? Select accordingly. The basic differences between the DeLeon and the Tejon (or any other Tesoro) as far as specifications go can be had by checking out Tesoro's site. Figure out which of each detector's features would help you most and buy accordingly.

I would disagree significantly, Monte -- especially for a Minelab user
Scott Buckner
Date: October 23, 2003 04:43AM
I'm not a dealer at all, but just on basic general principles, I would disagree with you, Monte. Now mind you, I'm not saying that your advice is misguided or could possibly benefit you personally or anything like that, but I can't help but kinda wince at what you just said.
If I recall right, the Explorer is a metered detector. People who use metered machines exclusively tend to buy and continue to use metered machines in the first place for a reason. So personally speaking, I would disagree on face value with any dealer's advice to have a metered user switch to a non-metered machine (not to mention a completely different manufacturer) cold turkey -- unless the metered user is specifically saying he wants to go to a non-meterd machine.
Not only that, but if I was a dealer, I would seriously feel sort of heebie-jeebie over the basic fact that a Minelab and a Tesoro work on totally different technologies (BBS vs. VLF) which on its own would open the door to the distinct possibility that a BBS user would find VLF more lacking to some degree as far as depth and peformance goes.
Assuming that Bob is perfectly aware that while any Tesoro is significantly lighter than a Minelab, any Tesoro not exactly comparable in the depth department, and requires manual ground balance in bad dirt while such considerations are completely moot with a BBS machine, so Bob's basically IMO taking a step backward as it is. And assuming that Bob actually wants to take a step backward, why would any dealer recommend that Bob even try to adapt to such a foreign environment that unmetered detectors tend to be? "Backup detector" doesn't necessarily have to mean "cheaper detector with far less features," regardless of how Bob intended to use his back detector (and I'm assuming he's intending to hunt the same type of ground or sites he's now hunting).
The Tejon will do well anywhere. But really, IMO the only Minelab you can "pit" a Tejon or any other VLF detector is Minelab's VLF Advantage, which unless I'm wrong is lighter than the Explorer.
Sorry if I'm being too much of a nitpicky pisher here, but that's kinda the way I see it. As always, opposing views are always welcome, especially if I'm obviously wrong.

Monte: What "many competitors" are you referring to?
Scott Buckner
Date: October 23, 2003 05:01AM
Far be it from me to rock the boat of forum tranquility around here, but you brought it up. Exactly what "many competitors" did the Tejon do "better" than? And exactly in what respect did the Tejon do "better" than those competitors?
Bob needs to know, especially since you're a Tesoro dealer who's used many different models from non-Tesoro manufacturers that's making solid recommendations here to Bob and it's *his* few hundred bucks on the line. Bob asked in good faith, so in the same good faith and guidance, I think it would only be fair for you to name those "competing" names and models, and the testing processes you used to arrive at such advice.
Again, please be clear: I am not disputing your comment or comments by others that the Tejon does in fact do "what it was intended to do." However, I am disputing the amorphous and totally useless "politically correct" responses that don't tell people exactly what they want to know because everyone's trying to be all pablum and non-offensive white-bread about this hobby and give everyone the impression that one detector is no better or worse than another when that is in fact not the case at all.
Bob's depending on you.

Re: I would disagree significantly, Monte -- especially for a Minelab user
Date: October 23, 2003 08:47AM
GOSH!!! I didn't intend to turn the pot upside down.I am however,thankful for the unbiest and honest answers.Scot brings up a good point about not going backwards.Yes,I do like the metered machine.I guess I lean toward the DeLeon and am wondering if all thats said about it,by Tesoro,is also what the actual users of the machine have to say about it.I've read the field test,but thats not always what the real story is.Thanks much!!Bob

I have used both
walter riddle
Date: October 23, 2003 02:45PM
I have never used a minelab, but I own a deleon and used a tejon for a couple of months.
First and formost is the soil conditions in your area. A drawback to a deleon is that is a turn on and go detector. It has no manual GB. So in real bad conditions a deleon fails against a Tejon. The tejon has a decided depth capability over the DL. I like the TID but the tejon can be set for matching effect. If you are primarily using the machine to hunt in parks and yards and above 8" I say deleon. If you are a relic hunter or in bad conditions I say tejon.
With all this being said, I love my X-5. But in defense of the Tejon, hunting side by side, the tejon can keep up with the x-5 in my neck of the woods relic hunting, if you take the time to learn the machine! The quality of the DL and TJ are fine. Each has a learning curve. Each performs like a tesoro should, great in trash.
Hope this helps

Re: I have used both
Date: October 23, 2003 04:10PM
I have one other question!Is the tejon and Deleon "fast sweep"machines.I know the ML xs is a fairly slow sweep and some of the Whites are fast.Just wondering where these two fall at.Thanks.Bob

Re: I have used both
walter riddle
Date: October 23, 2003 04:23PM
I wont lie, I am not sure of that answer. But, I believe they are fast retunes in disc. Ralph pointed out the Tejon retune in his FT. So I defer to that. I believe retunes are overated and shouldnt be a factor in decisions. Once you learn the machine was it is the difference. Trash is trash!

Well Scott ...
charlie (UK)
Date: October 23, 2003 04:37PM
When I contacted my dealer and told him I wanted to trade in my DFX for a Hawkeye, he told me I would be taking a backward step (as regards depth sensitivity and flexability). I carried on with the deal anyway, and am glad I did! My detecting enjoyment has increased tenfold, and I now spend more time detecting, and less time pushing buttons and scrolling through menus (and sub-menus) just to make a basic adjustment! turn on and go RULES!

Hey Bob ...
charlie (UK)
Date: October 23, 2003 04:46PM
So far, I think the 'Deleon / Hawkeye' is a great little machine! I've dug less iron with it than I did with the DFX, and it's a really easy machine to use The discrim is very good, and it feels like half the weight of the DFX or Explorer!
Apart from forgetting to switch it on, you can't go wrong with it!

Re: Hey Bob ...
Date: October 23, 2003 09:21PM
Thanks Charlie,I think anything would be lighter than the explorer.I'm not keen on the ground balancing part with the tajon.I'm used to that turn on and go with the explorer so I guess I'll get serious about the deleon.Thanks to all you folks that answered my questions.Bob

Very good
Scott Buckner
Date: October 25, 2003 09:48PM
Personally, I like non-TID turn on and go machines, but that's just me. But I still realize TID and/or manual-GB machines have their time and place to give you that extra info you just can't get with a machine not set up for that.
But I think you hit on the most important point: Use the machine you like best for whatever environment you're using it in and enjoy the living daylights out of this hobby because really, that's what it's all about -- even if your somewhat shallower non-TID machine has you waling over a target or two because what you don't hear won't hurt you

Hola, Bob
Scott Buckner
Date: October 25, 2003 09:58PM
Believe me -- you didn't turn any pots upside down. If anyone did, it was probably me because, well, that's why most people either like me or can't stand me. I just thought you posed an excellent question that really wasn't getting the answers you (or anyone else in your position) deserved, and I see in 2-3 days, you STILL didn't get any answer or clarification you (or anyone else in your position) SHOULD get from those with a little more technical savvy than I'd ever hope to have.
Amd IMO, that's a friggin' shame and well, just kinda proves my original point, long as it may have been.
Basically, the consensus of the posts I've sen from actual users over the past year regarding the DeLeon have been highly favorable. IMO a lot of merted machines (both Tesoro and other brands) have their own little set of quirks just like every detector ever made has it's own set of quirks, but it's nothing outrageous, and I don't recall anyone with a DeLeon complaining about the depth, either.
All in all, if I was in your shoes, I think I'd be pretty happy with the DeLeon and would probably find the TID to be a lot easier and straightforward compared to what you're used to dealing with with your Minelab. Tesoro has a habit of making things astoundingly simple, which is why I'm a major fan of the brand.

What you DON'T hear might not hurt you......
Date: October 25, 2003 11:03PM least not until the guy behind you comes along and "hears" what you just missed !

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